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What is the bond that holds a community together? If woven properly, how can this common bond positively change the world?

How do we use this bond to strengthen our relationships and grow together as a species?


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  • Jul 28 2013: This is something I have been mulling over for a good while and I can not say I am closer to something I feel in an answer, but rather thoughts that seem to be slowly becoming structured into something holistic. Some of the thoughts that interest me most currently are around embedded and assumed values and parallel to this, collective purpose and in particular, existentialist perspectives. I am interested in exploring the notion of a uniqueness of our context being a perspective that can be communally binding.

    I think that humility (an openness to ones own fallacies and falsehoods), common purpose (within the community which is reflected in part to and from a wider collective sphere of identity), values (the context in which that community acts and interacts given the context of it`s communal purpose) and behavioural strategies (the ability to use and reinvent actions and reactions given the predominant environment) are all important in community cohesion.

    Given cultural, religious/philosophical, localised differences, the rate of change in terms of how communities change over a given distance is more important than what that change is. Where there are differences (obviously depending on what they are) having intermediate steps between them so that the gradient of change is gradual, allows for created community cohesion than if for example the gradient of change is marked within a very short distance and/or interrupted by geographical features.

    To pick up on Yubal Masalker`s point, there does seem to be a fractal nature for commnities, as in what is needed for holsitic stability and growth of an individual, can be said for a community and by extension a society. The more decentralised a community, which then becomes a more subjective and tempory notation as a result of less defined and consistant cultural /physical borders of that community, the more intergraded, smoothly graduated changes in community values there are, I suppose?

    With Genuine Interest,


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