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What is the bond that holds a community together? If woven properly, how can this common bond positively change the world?

How do we use this bond to strengthen our relationships and grow together as a species?


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  • Jul 23 2013: Thanks, Juan! Yes, I think there is a small but growing movement to reclaim those village-like ideals and sense of community you describe. I was at Findhorn Community, a fascinating "eco-village" in northern Scotland, that has done just that. It's part of a Global Ecovillage Network:


    People there talked a bit, like you did, about how technology can free us from some of the demands of commuting (and polluting) to work in big urban centres. Instead, we can telecommute (well, some people can) and use other sustainable practices & tools (3D print want we need rather than mass-produced products w/ tons of packaging)... all while maintaining a more close-knit relationship w/ our neighbours.

    I now live in a village-like community within a larger city, where everything is walkable (or else bus-able & definitely bike-able)... & can car-share when I really need to drive. A huge impact on personal satisfaction, family health and connection w/ our neighbours and community. It will take an earthquake to take me to move. (ALas, we also live on a fault line....)

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