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What is the bond that holds a community together? If woven properly, how can this common bond positively change the world?

How do we use this bond to strengthen our relationships and grow together as a species?


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  • Jul 10 2013: give me the permission to change the question....
    what are the reasons that separate the community ?
    because we as humans can not live alone... in nature we prefer to live together.
    so... if there is a community whose people live together that because they do not have those factors that separate him. .........not because they have a" hidden forces" that holding him together.
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      Jul 11 2013: Would it not be valuable to find what the commonality is so that when the bond is tested by the forces that separate, the community can unite under one vision/mission?
      • Jul 16 2013: Kimberly : I'm not thrilled about finding out what you suggest. We've already done it : Vicious warfare.

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