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Near village government plans small dam. that covers around 52 farmers farm. and they pays only 12000/- per acres.what we can do?

i am from baghala village, tal-lalpur, dist-jamnagar, gujarat, india.
we all are doing many request but still no one can reply, and also do not give any notice.

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    Jul 14 2013: Is the Rs 12000/- per acre declared by Goverment ? or you get such rates from officials ? If the Govt. has decided such rates, I think we need to appeal to public to make a demand to increase it.

    as said by Pabitra, Medha Patkar is been working on this issue fighting with Govt and officials to give justice to Farmers.
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    Jul 10 2013: Contact Medha Patkar or NBA.
    Check this website for contacts.