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Is the European Patent Office patent award to Monsanto anything other than theft? Can Nature be 'owned"? Should this be resisted?

EPO new award.


P J Proudhon argued that property is Theft.

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    Lejan .

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    Jul 17 2013: It is theft and should be resisted, as nature is the common heritage of mankind and the very first 'open source' project of which we happen to evolve from ...
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      Jul 20 2013: Nice Idea! ... genetic Copy Left! I'm really shocked and disappointed that the subject hasn't gotten more traction.
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    Jul 12 2013: As an Aside.... from

    Maybe Monsanto knows something the rest of us don't.

    "Justice Ginsburg concluded that health care and its financing were unique and therefore found that Commerce Clause authority for the individual mandate would not result in an unrestrained expansion of federal power. She specifically rejected the conclusion that finding the individual mandate valid under the Commerce Clause would mean that the federal government could require people to purchase healthy vegetables, including broccoli, which she characterized as “the broccoli horrible.”1 She argued that broccoli purchases could be easily distinguished and that the claim that broccoli or vegetable purchases would have a substantial effect on health care costs required a “chain of inferences” that previous Commerce Clause cases had rejected.15"
  • Jul 11 2013: This is silly.

    First, there is no way that this patent can be enforced. Monsanto would have to sue every broccoli farmer in the European market.

    Second, anyone could get a patent on any natural plant. Soon someone will have patents on the grass growing on the lawns of the capitals of Europe. Will the countries of Europe have to pay a licensing fee to grow grass?

    The legal consequences of this decision are ludicrously absurd.
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      Jul 11 2013: Monsanto would have to sue just one farmer and win. We already allow for people to own and patent seed. How is this any different? We allow people to own land and to exploit the resources on public lands. We privatize all sorts of thing.
      • Jul 11 2013: This is different because it is broccoli, which is not new, is not the invention of anyone, and should not be eligible for a patent. If this goes to court, the judge should throw the case out and fine Monsanto for bringing a frivolous suit, if that is possible. Upholding this patent would make the whole patent system useless. I could patent the apple tree and claim that everyone harvesting apples owes me a fee. It is is ridiculous.