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How does aspartame affect our bodies?

I have read about aspartame's daunting history, and it indeed has one. Since its discovery in the 1960's, aspartame has had years of experimentation. The data received has shown that a considerable amount of animals died from being injected with aspartame: with holes developing in the animals brain.

How exactly is our brain affected by aspartame?
and does aspartame lead to any symptoms?

Any information on aspartame would be helpful!


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  • Jul 12 2013: Opinions on this subject come from two different perspective, and quite possibly a collaboration of the following. First, after conducting research, one can find aspartame's political history to be quite disturbing. After its discovery, it took a long time for aspartame to hit the shelves. Much effort and political power (Rumsfeld) was need to get the FDA approved for supplemental use. One can only imagine the reason behind strong efforts to get this approved: $$$. Consequently, if one only views aspartame from this perspective it can have a very negative feel.

    Secondly, chemistry can shed light to aspartame's negative political history. While I am not a chemist, I do still trust science and the truth about the properties of aspartame. We have been consuming aspartame since the the mid 70's, and we have yet to see any detrimental, or even moderate, issues with consumption.

    One can take either perspective to draw their own conclusions on the subject. Personally, I tend to stay away from artificial sweeteners; I am not a fan of the flavor. However, I believe it is highly important that we look into such products that we consume. There use to be a time when you knew exactly what you were eating; today, many haven't the slightest clue what goes into producing the food they eat.

    I will continue to stay alert on this issue, for we have not the slightest idea how aspartame affects the body in the long run. After all, one of the many contributing factors to human evolution is our diet and what we choose to consume.

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