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Is marketing in the United States slowing down the academic progress of our children?

Inspiring the next generation of female engineers: Debbie Sterling

I love Debbie Sterling's talk about her adventures in engineering, trouble fitting into the boys club, and her issue with the pink aisle. The beginning of her one minute advertisement for her new Goldie Blocks toys reads, "For the past 100 years, toys have inspired our boys to be thinkers, builders and inventors. Our girls deserve more." http://www.youtube.com/goldieblox

This is the kind of marketing I can get behind.

I found the same problem to be true with marketing and literacy when I took a close introspective look years ago after learning the Montessori approach to literacy and I wrote this blog, "The Problem with Products."

Teachers and schools are receiving all kinds of heat lately in the education reform movement, but I see the problem as more deeply rooted, embedded in U.S. culture, materialism and marketing.


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    Jul 9 2013: Other than the fact that various components of culture are connected, I do not see marketing of consumer products as a significant factor impeding academic progress.
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      Jul 10 2013: In my research and work, I have met many older children who do not know letter sounds. Once they learn them, they read more accurately. Marketing is out to teach every preschooler Aa is for apple and it says /a/. Then we expect the child to work through all the extra information to get to the important bits to read when all the child needs is /a/ to start. We're confusing our children with too much information too soon, slowing down a nation of readers. http://www.sensablelearning.org/?page_id=1293
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        Jul 10 2013: What is the connection between marketing and Aa is for apple?

        Are you asking about the effects of advertising or specifically about merchandise that says A is for apple?

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