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Is marketing in the United States slowing down the academic progress of our children?

Inspiring the next generation of female engineers: Debbie Sterling

I love Debbie Sterling's talk about her adventures in engineering, trouble fitting into the boys club, and her issue with the pink aisle. The beginning of her one minute advertisement for her new Goldie Blocks toys reads, "For the past 100 years, toys have inspired our boys to be thinkers, builders and inventors. Our girls deserve more." http://www.youtube.com/goldieblox

This is the kind of marketing I can get behind.

I found the same problem to be true with marketing and literacy when I took a close introspective look years ago after learning the Montessori approach to literacy and I wrote this blog, "The Problem with Products."

Teachers and schools are receiving all kinds of heat lately in the education reform movement, but I see the problem as more deeply rooted, embedded in U.S. culture, materialism and marketing.


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  • Jul 9 2013: Della There are many ways to identify problems or look at problems. With the surplus of STEM graduates and the ongoing caricatures of the boys in The Big Bang or Mr. Spock maybe there is something you are not seeing. Believe me there are not jobs for all one thousand new physics Phd's or one thousand Math PhD's or one thousand chemistry PhD's. Maybe there is not a problem here. Remember when you were in first grade. Did a little girl ever say she wanted to be Madame Curie? When I was a physics undergrad, my advisor told me to marry a nurse as they will put up with us. Who can this young lady marry? Okay, I'm going to stop, but if you want some anecdotes I have some if you want them.
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      Jul 9 2013: I was quite taken by Madame Curie when I was in grade school, other than her death by radium exposure.

      I have heard some people argue that the number of higher degrees being encouraged in some STEM fields is unconscionable, given the lack of jobs for them. There are specific STEM fields with under-supply but not all STEM fields are in that position.

      There are STEM fields too in which stopping with a bachelors does not open any particular doors.
      • Jul 10 2013: That may well be true How do you know the truth? Again and again we see the handbills like in The Grapes of "wrath.Chimps are bright enough to lie Our PR pros aqre even smarter than chimps Don't trust anyone. As Sgt. Schultz said on Hogan's Heroes "Trust no one............"
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      Jul 9 2013: George, with all due respect, did you really just ask "who this young lady can marry?"
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        Jul 9 2013: I will have to ask my daughter, a graduate student in physics, whether she has been advised to marry a nurse.
      • Jul 10 2013: Della I see what you are saying, but rereading yesterday I believe that I was asking in an odd way was is a male nurse's personality like a female nurse's personality? Am I wrong? and please elucidate further. Nothing derogatory was meant It just reflects what I was told by a young lady who kept her statistics BA a se cret from most people. My being a nerd she was willing to share it with me in our pleasant conversation.

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