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Empowering great ideas with Big Data Analytics

Big data and the analytics associated with it are reshaping our future. However, the best tools are not always affordable to the best ideas. Big data analytics, especially the best of breed ones, are expensive.

As a company that provides this type of services, we had an idea outside of the box.

What if an organization that could really benefit the human condition had access to these tools?

How can we help bring them within their budgetary reach?

Now let me point out that we are not the Gates Foundation or some other deep pockets philanthropic group. Nor are we some mega corporation will cash to burn. Our company, Millennia, is just a small IT services firm with a lot of heart and ingenuity.

So here’s a brief synopsis of what we have in mind:

• An organization with a real need to access and analyze big data to produce benefits for humanity, the planet, etc. My guideline here is we will not work for political groups, hate groups, or anything that even remotely can be discriminatory in nature to anyone.

• Determine a project scope, including the anticipated outcomes (that will change) & benefits

• Determine the costs, write the proposal, and propose it for crowd source funding

• If awarded, we will get the project up and running within a few months. There will be ongoing costs associated with the project, so the organization has to be aware of them and able to handle them.

If anyone would like to discuss this further, please hit me up.

  • Aug 8 2013: 1. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
    2. Depends on the application plus where it is hosted
    3. Not necessary (see #1)
    4. See #1
    5. Done within OEID
  • Aug 8 2013: Think I need more information:
    1. technology to be used for the db, olap, rbd, rolap, hadoop?
    2. storage and compute power?
    3. how are you going to clean the date?
    4. reporting tool?
    5. who will do the dimensionality and the sparse matrix theory?
  • Aug 2 2013: Hi Don - would be interested in chatting can I contact you directly?
    • Aug 2 2013: Philip,

  • Jul 27 2013: No organizational ideas?
  • Jul 10 2013: Here's where I'm going with this:

    1. A lot of organizations cannot afford a "top shelf" analytics solution.
    2. Most crowd source funding I've seen is geared towards commercial endeavors.
    3. Open source exists but is it ready for primetime? I like your idea, but even if it is possible, how many years of development is going to take to bring to the level of the commercial packages that exist right now? It is something that can be made into reality, but I think there are those organizations that have pressing needs now.

    Out of the box, IMO, is using crowd source commercial oriented funding to provide a best of class solution to an organization that would not otherwise be able to have it.

    Millennia is a for profit entity but we are willingly to devote our time and resources to create (and peddle) a proposal to fund the project. If successful, the organization would own the solution, not us. We just make it happen.

    Do we get paid? Yes. For everything? No. There's a lot of time involved here during all phases of this project where we know we going to be working off the clock. We are willingly to risk it for a worthwhile project which what I am looking for.

    My point is to use a primarily commercial funding source to provide a commercial best of class analytics solution to organization with a real need that cannot afford it on their own. The goal is to empower their idea that otherwise might not happen.

    That may or may not fit your definition, but hey! It is subjective....
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    Jul 10 2013: So what is the 'idea outside of the box' here? That you provide a service as a small IT company for 'humanity projects' whose organization managed to rise crowd source funding to pay you?

    The last three out of the four points in your synopsis are fundamentally for any commercial service provider, aren't they? And the first point? Isn't it 'just' a statement of your companies 'moral code' ?

    Don't get me wrong, as I like this part of your code, yet what I am missing in your idea here is the 'Empowering' factor you claim it to have.

    In short, the 'Empowering' element to get your IT company to work and analyze 'Big Data' for humanitarian projects is - as well and usual - to pay for this your service ... and, as you describe, that your company has no financial resources to 'burn cash', I would assume, that the flexibility in pricing those services is therefore limited.

    So which element in your thought is 'outside the box' really? That you wouldn't work for 'intelligence services'? Whom and how do you truly 'Empower'? My understanding of 'Empowerment' of your 'chosen' clients would be more than just to refer to 'crowed sourced funding platforms' and such alike, to get you paid ....

    Usually, humanitarian projects are chronically lacking sufficient budgets, so any Dollar spent to identify those in need would not be available for those any more and booked under generalized 'management costs'.

    'Out of the box' thinking to me would tackle this problem in this, its core and some of the following comes to my mind on this:

    Open source data analysis tools, algorithms and free 'data access' to vital sources. Smart and 'easy to use' analysis software to reduce the need of 'expert analysts'. 'Big Data Analysis @ home' modules to access distributed, free of charge computer power to get the data analyzed, based on a platform of distributed and 'free of charge' data storage on the Internet. A community of volunteers of programmers, mathematicians, etc to help non profit ...
  • Jul 9 2013: George, what can I explain for you?
  • Jul 9 2013: Please ask & thank you for asking. I will try to put these responses in "lay" terms for everyone's benefit.

    Millennia ( is an Oracle Partner, focused on services for Oracle Endeca Information Discovery. We design, implement, and support data discovery platforms. We believe it's the best solution going today, allowing for structured data (database, etc) and unstructured data (text, web, social, etc) to be analyzed together in an exploratory fashion.

    You can find detailed information On OEID here:

    Is it cloud capable? Yes. Is it scalable? Yes. Can it analyze in real time? Yes.

    So John, does that help you better understand us? How can we help you?
  • Jul 9 2013: I may be off base with the following, but you were fairly vague in describing your capabilities and what you can offer. So I figured... someones gotta ask.

    Are we to assume you have the capabilities of modeling provided data, including faceted navigation and browsing? Or are you primarily offering server hosting, and data transfer with obvious support?

    Also, are you capable of supporting Cloud based storage in tandem with any existing geospatial database systems?

    This line of questioning could go on for days...

    One last question... what capabilities do you provide? lol No seriously though... With out divulging too much information, is it possible for lets say 5000 users to be constantly uploading data, retaining geographical and other relevant information, and then to have the ability to analyze said data in real time?

    I apologize if these questions aren't appropriate for what you're proposing.
  • Jul 9 2013: Please explain more.