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Life and Immortality

So i want to start by asking what's life and if our conception of it is correct. So our definition of life is birth, growth, reproduction, and functionality. Now the interesting thing of this is what about those that immortal and never die.
In our future we will inevitably become immortal now when this happens will we be considered alive or just being? Would we continue to reproduce or would we at that point become a species of one entity with no need of reproducing or growing. Or could you consider growth as the gaining of more knowledge which will always happen. How do you think an immortal views life as we know it now? (I would like some opinions on that) would they see death as necessary for life or just something as a problem we haven't fixed yet that they have.
And then what is the point of an immortal? Human's point is to satisfy their own desires we are selfish in that sense even if your desires themselves are not selfish. Or could you see the selfishness of humans as just a way to continue our species to become immortal. Then if that was the case what would happen when we reach that our ideas of constant improvement and evolution would cease what would we then do? what is the next step's point when we reach it is it still to improve? but on what is there to improve other than knowledge? and what would be the point of improving knowledge if there is nothing else to improve upon?

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    Jul 9 2013: Hi Charles.
    You appear to place a lot of faith in the ability of evolution to improve us to the point of immortality. Don't you think that it would have been easier for evolution to make a species immortal than to produce an entirely new species ? Why has this not happened already ?
    There Is evidence that the accumulation of mutations generation upon generation is having the exact opposite effect.
    It is certainly true that we are witnessing the extinction of thousands of species, while not witnessing any entirely new ones evolving.
    I certainly believe we are already immortal, but not in any evolutionary sense. Bodies die; that is obvious. They are not getting any less prone to dying; that is also obvious. You need to look elsewhere.