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What were you favourite bands when you were a kid or a teenager? What do you think that says about you and your community?

The TEDsters were born in different eras, different places all over the world.

What music you chose, why you do it and what that expresses says a lot about the person, the times, the moral paradigm and political landscape.

Music has always been an integral part of my life. I've been a goth, an emo, a rock-girl, a punk and more, both listening and making music, depending on the period. Some bands that have influenced me are still a good reference, some of them are just a sentimental insight.

Back to the question - what music did you chose when you were young and what do you think it says about the times, the community you grew up in and you yourself, as a person?

In other words - some like Iron Maiden, some like U2, some like other bands, some like everything, some do not. Why do you think that is?

All replies and comments are welcome.


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    Aug 7 2013: I like whatever is good at what it does now that I'm 30. When I was younger, the first band I really liked was Nirvana, but I really listened to whatever helped me fit in the best with others. Personally, I enjoy listening to and playing technical metal the most.
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      Aug 8 2013: By technical metal - do you mean goth industrial or guitar + computerized sound/voice?

      30 is not that old, you know.

      From my experience - I never listened to anything to fit in, counting on the old 'birds of feather flock together' which took me to unexpected places at unexpected times.
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        Aug 8 2013: I may of misused the term but what I meant by technical metal is metal that goes through several key and timing changes in songs.
        Fitting in was important to me back then and the different music I was exposed to has actually, I feel, increased my ability.
        I had a lot of fun playing with a classic rock, country, top 200 cover band about 2 and a half to 9 months ago. A good friend asked me to try out.
        I like a slew of black metal bands from your country. One of the hardest songs I've ever learned is Dissection's Nights Blood.
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          Aug 8 2013: Which of my countries? ;-)

          I'm actually not a fan of Dissection, but the band was on the list some years ago.

          Maybe you'll like this from Norway, a classic, not black metal though.

          Also check out Tulus.

          And rock on :)

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