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What were you favourite bands when you were a kid or a teenager? What do you think that says about you and your community?

The TEDsters were born in different eras, different places all over the world.

What music you chose, why you do it and what that expresses says a lot about the person, the times, the moral paradigm and political landscape.

Music has always been an integral part of my life. I've been a goth, an emo, a rock-girl, a punk and more, both listening and making music, depending on the period. Some bands that have influenced me are still a good reference, some of them are just a sentimental insight.

Back to the question - what music did you chose when you were young and what do you think it says about the times, the community you grew up in and you yourself, as a person?

In other words - some like Iron Maiden, some like U2, some like other bands, some like everything, some do not. Why do you think that is?

All replies and comments are welcome.


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    Aug 3 2013: I am an Asian girl. As you know, in Asian, Korean pop is very popular. All teenagers in my country know all Korean stars, such as Super Junior, Bigbang, SNSD, Bi Rain... When a star from Korea came to Vietnam, many fans stood and waited in the airport many hours before they came. They hustled, even many girls fainted. Even many girls kneeled and kissed the chair which Bi Rain had sat.
    University exam in 2012 in my country was idols cultural and many students quitted their exames because they said:"Don't take part in university entrance exam, we can next year but our love for Super Junior is forever." I really can not understand why they can say like that. They forget themselves and their family, they only know idols.
    Yet, because of the crazy blind idol is more when the fans are willing to accept in exchange for a 1 night ticket to watch idol performances. Meanwhile, ticket prices in My Dinh, the crazy fever that the press described as "unprecedented", leapfrogging from 1 million to 2 million, 4 million, and up to the ticket could not be found with any cost.

    No money, do not buy the tickets, and fans, want to be one of the 40 thousand fans wearing sky present at the My Dinh to be "once in a lifetime" look idols in the flesh, a grader 11 "simplicity" that: "I love Super Junior so if you want me to sleep with you to give me one ticket, I'll be ready."
    And many other situations. As for me, in the past, I also like kpop but I never had admiration like that. Now I like US-UK pop and Vietnam music. I like Sam Tsui is a boy who often cover famous songs of famous singers. With me, many his songs are better than original.
    Admiring idols is not bad but the things I want to say that please don't turn yourself into jokes.
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      Aug 5 2013: Thanks, I appreciate your comment very much. It reminded me of the hype I had to endure (while frowning and muttering 'you have to be kidding me') when Justin Bieber came to Oslo. Girls as young as 14 were actually writing suicide notes, begging to get concert tickets, some streets had to close, it was chaos.

      In this case both the performer and the fans were a sheer parody of themselves and the music industry.

      When iot comes to admiring idols... Whatever happened to reason?


      I find a lot in the link above scary.

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