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What is the first thing that comes to mind, "what do do you believe in?"

There are so many answers to this question, however if you truly believe you are a soul having a physical experience, then for me there is only one answer and that, is "me.". And yes, we can all get scientific or woo woo, but I chose to go with practical, how about you?

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    Jul 9 2013: Hi Teresa.
    A soul having a physical experience is a beautiful way to put it. That is exactly what I believe I am. An immortal soul in a mortal body. My next step was to search for how I got to this point. A few decades of hunting brought me to Jesus Christ. He came back from the dead to prove his point. That's what I believe.

  • Jul 8 2013: Believe Nothing........Entertain Everything
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    Jul 8 2013: Change and evolution.
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    Jul 18 2013: I believe in people. I believe that deep down inside, people are good not evil. And I believe that good people can bring out the good in other people. Therefore we shouldn't treat others as who they used to be or who they are now, instead treat them as someone who they can become or who you want to be like. It will truly make a great impact.

    We are connected and united in some ways. We have common needs, we share common pains and problems. There is this thing called empathy that connects us. Human is the only species that can empathize. So take the most of it, give love and compliments while you can. Together we can make a better world, starting with one person at a time.
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    Jul 13 2013: Donnie Harold Harris .Then everyone else Then every thing else.There is only me and there is everything else.
  • Jul 9 2013: Interestingly enough Teresa, before opening the conversation and just reading the the title, my first thought was 'me' as well.

    I don't know about the whole 'soul' thing, but I'm as real as it gets, I think... wait, I know! Which is something I can always believe in, for I am.
    • Jul 9 2013: Since we are "here", yes I believe the I am is You
  • Jul 9 2013: I believe in the power of Mother Nature and that force will correct all we have done to this earth.
  • Jul 9 2013: I believe that our generation has the power, wisdom and will to co-create a positive life experience for all living beings and that we shall succeed in doing that.
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    Jul 8 2013: Unfortunately, Theresa, your typo, "do do", plunged me irresistably into a rut where I could think of nothing but Do-Do. It was awful. Edit that before more wise crackers join in.
  • Jul 18 2013: Son, I agree with you, what would happen if we saw each other as energy as opposed to human being, just a thought
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    Jul 12 2013: Before I go into into this question, I just want to comment on first impressions, things that come to your mind first, and stuff like that. Just FYI, I am not an expert or have done any research (feel free to present any); I really just think. I'm sure first thoughts will reveal something about the truth or the right answer, but I feel the only way to fully uncover what you truly believe in is reflection and time (time spent thinking, not just ducking around).

    That being said I'll give me first thought that answered the question, "Change." (Wasn't a completed thought just a beginning). Now this is barely scratching the surface of what I believe in and really I'm not sure really has to do with my full reflected thought at all. My first thought, not the one that answered the question but my first thought that happens many times when answering a question, was what would be something that most people wouldn't answer. I like to purposefully stray from most people's answers, because then even if wrong, people will at least consider something else and that's what's important to me. Giving someone a different perspective. So change was my first thought that answered the question after the above thought process.

    I've mainly stated what I believe in, but I'll expand and add some. I believe in the mind over body. Humans aren't dominant because of our physical strength, but our mental strength. I believe I will never firmly believe anything. I don't think anyone should. You shouldn't feel loyal to your thought because they are your own. You should want to be proven wrong, because how else is your idea or philosophy going to evolve and improve if you don't change it or at least are willing to change it. These are my current beliefs and hopefully show why I start every thought process involving an answer aiming for somewhere off the target. (don't know if that metaphor is more useful than harmful, but please ask me to clarify or respond to me with a contradiction)
    • Jul 18 2013: Yes, Kai, cling to no tradition, no rituals, no teachers , and no books, less you loss your True Self.
  • Jul 9 2013: Like Random and Charles, I have looked at your question a number of times, and

    nothing comes to mind.
    • Jul 11 2013: Barry,
      what do you mean when you say, "Nothing comes to mind?"
      Nothing, meaning no thought, picture, image or so on? No idea on anything?
      Or do you mean nothing? Because I', not sure I understand your comment.

      Because I meant nothing, the big overall nothing. I didn't mean nothing comes to mind.
      I meant I believe in nothing, because that is what everything comes from or came from.

      • Jul 11 2013: I just meant your first interpretation, that nothing comes to mind. I am sure that if I gave it some thought I could think of something I believe in that has little or no supporting evidence, but nothing comes immediately to mind.
  • Jul 9 2013: Nothing.

    That is where it all comes from.
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    Jul 9 2013: And who exactly are You? Where is this You in a dreamless sleep at night? What is it You 'see' on those two blind spots your visual nerves attach to your eyeballs? Does another person disappear the moment you do not believe in it? What happen if You struggle to believe in yourself? Would it matter if our believes are just false without us noticing it? What if the concept of souls is nothing but an 'emotional escape pod' against the frightening concept of 'nothingness'? Have You ever been afraid about Your non-existence before You came into existence? If not, why? If so, why? Is this sort of fright just a matter of chronological order? What if 'believe' was a psychological 'placebo' to get through all this, evolved as necessity for self aware species and people like 'You'?

    I have absolutely no clue about what is going on here, but, whatever it is, it can be beautiful at times ... :o)

    So greeting to You from whoever I am ... ;o)
  • Jul 8 2013: Nothing..I only know