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Are we educating or hindering?

The education system is severely flawed but we seem to be becoming increasingly impotent when it comes to skill development, accountability and responsibility. Are we educating our youth with anything worth having?


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  • Jul 21 2013: We are hindering with a check list education system. I once told a teacher who I had no respect for (I might add that most of her students had no respect for her also) that it is a good thing children learn in spite of adults. She said she agreed with me and asked me why I said that to her.
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      Jul 22 2013: I have always believed that teachers have the incredible power to hold us in their hands and either open up their lingers and let us fly or crumple their hands into fists and make sure we are never allowed to even walk. Indeed, given the majority of teacher I have had over the years, it is certainly a blessing that children can learn in spite of their teachers. But I long for a world of passionate men and women so kids don't have to.

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