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Are we educating or hindering?

The education system is severely flawed but we seem to be becoming increasingly impotent when it comes to skill development, accountability and responsibility. Are we educating our youth with anything worth having?


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    Jul 9 2013: First I don't think I worded my topic too well (bad ex-English teacher!). But what I mean is: are we merely going through the motions and pushing kids up and out and into university but aren't letting them develop any sense of self, or purpose or accountability? And I don't mean to genera;lise - there are some phenomenal teachers, some incredible students, but are we letting the middle kids down?
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      Jul 9 2013: Janine, if you want to go back into your topic box above and edit it, you absolutely can do that!

      In my time in schools, I have never seen teachers "going through the motions" and not "letting them develop any sense of self, purpose, or accountability." In fact, teachers typically understand that there is a child-rearing component to their jobs, an aspect that is part of what draws teachers into the profession, particular in grades k-8.

      So I would have to say that ignoring these dimensions would describe only a small minority of teachers. The majority of teachers in the US, I believe, count this as an important part of their daily work.

      In fact, one reason some kids and classrooms fall behind others is that the teacher needs to spend so much time on cultivating these and other aspects of preparing to learn effectively and play a productive part in community. It doesn't work to try to skip it, as it is foundational.
    • Jul 10 2013: if you had the choice to teach someone WHAT to think vs. HOW to think, which would you choose?

      ......no blending :-)
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        Jul 10 2013: No choice. I'd want them to learn HOW to think - over everything learning how to critically think, HOW (and then letting them do ir because we can talk about and teach it but we need to help students actually do it all the time)

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