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Of all the great people who have left our planet, who would give your dream hypothetical post-mortem TED talk?

This question started in the TEDActive facebook group and had a huge response, so I thought I'd post it here.

There are lots of potential answers, some obvious, some not.

Try and pick one specific person! :)

  • Apr 10 2011: Carl Sagan. Without a doubt
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    Apr 19 2011: I'd like to hear from the guy who designed and built the pyramids to understand how it was done.
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    Apr 19 2011: Hammurabi on the consideration of justice in drafting laws.
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    Apr 15 2011: I would love to hear Miyamoto Musashi talk about reinventing yourself and your art/discpline/industry. What did he learn during his time in the woods that allowed him to step outside all of the boxes of traditional swordsmanship?
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    Apr 13 2011: Richard Feynman, for his ability to make complex ideas more accessible and even entertaining.
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    Apr 12 2011: terrence mckenna about anything!
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    Apr 11 2011: Buckminster Fuller on the Power of One
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    Apr 11 2011: Carl Gustav Jung, Aldous Huxley, Amelia Earhart
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    Apr 11 2011: Nikola Tesla on restructuring our energy grid.
  • Apr 11 2011: My great-great-great grandfather, Wiremu Maihi Te Rangikaheke. There's heaps I'd love to ask him. After him maybe some of the more 'sexy' types like Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther-King, Mary mother of Jesus etc, etc..........Good question.
  • Apr 10 2011: Just one? Jesus, Buddha, Da Vinci, Beethoven, Mozart, Newton, Gandhi, Einstein. OK, I'll stop now.