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How do you define your moral code? What influences moral codes and how do they affect our communities?

this questions require you to share how you define a moral code,what influences the different moral codes and how is our surrounding being affected both postively and negatively by the way we are choosing to '' live our lives'' .


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  • Jul 15 2013: Interestingly, I see here two distinct questions, one about a moral code and a second question asking about my moral code.

    As far as I can understand, in modern society a moral code appears to be defined by most people and organizations and governments as whatever they can get away.
    I believe no person or organization or government is well served by such an attitude of what I perceive as lax moral code,
    permitting any action as long as it won't cause someone to be actually charged and proven to have done an illegal act. There appears to be no obligation or inclination to make restitution for having abused, neglected or done real damage to some human person or other entity.

    Because many laws and rules and regulations are too long for most people to bother reading or too convoluted for anyone but a really brilliant high-cost lawyer to understand, most lone individuals are powerless to demand justice and under constant pressure to bend under mob-rule.

    As for my own personal moral code, it is simple.
    I see myself as an ethical person who appreciates open communication and truthfulness and accountability. I am well aware that my standards are considered unreasonable in some quarters and my "silly old-fashioned" ideas are not highly valued these days.

    Because of my beliefs I have faced life-long discrimination in every area of my life.

    Being constantly criticized for not wishing to participate in activities I perceive as "slippery-slope" or sub-standard is not a pleasant experience. The negative feedback and "red herring" and "no one cares" and "work to rule" responses have done their work and persuaded me that I should not waste my precious time with many of the organizations I have come across.

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