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How do you define your moral code? What influences moral codes and how do they affect our communities?

this questions require you to share how you define a moral code,what influences the different moral codes and how is our surrounding being affected both postively and negatively by the way we are choosing to '' live our lives'' .


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  • Jul 13 2013: A while back I wrote a piece entitled "is morality evolutionary?" (https://medium.com/contrarian-armchair-philosophy/d5be7261a41f)

    I state "let us begin with a conjecture : the biggest misconceptions about morals and morality is that they are anything more than a mental illusion.They are, in short, what we decide they are."

    In today's modern cultures, we are free to explore, expand and exercise those mental illusions, many of which may no longer be driven by evolutionary survival. "Morals may be a mental illusion – but it is one that all humans share … and perhaps, therefore, it is our imperative to ensure we continue to foster those values?"

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