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How do you define your moral code? What influences moral codes and how do they affect our communities?

this questions require you to share how you define a moral code,what influences the different moral codes and how is our surrounding being affected both postively and negatively by the way we are choosing to '' live our lives'' .


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  • Jul 9 2013: Moral codes are basically laws. The laws of the U.S.A are so flawed that the federal government was unable to prosecute ANY of the many people who could have prevented the recent financial collapse.

    Moral codes are frauds, based on the false notion that human beings can and would choose to live their lives according to a set of rules. There is no evidence to even suggest that this is possible. On the contrary, in my experience, people hate rules, regulations and laws, especially those that are imposed by others. When people make up their own rules, they invariably break them due to some exceptional situation.

    We need a new paradigm of social relationships that is not rule based, but based on the reality of human behavior. Since the study of human behavior is still in its infancy, this will require a great deal of time. Until we understand ourselves much better, we can continue discussing moral codes, but please, let us try to be honest about how much and how little they affect human behavior.

    One of the biggest influences on the community is the prevalence of hypocrisy and the many forms of insane behavior that result from hypocrisy.
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      Jul 11 2013: Barry: Unbelievably thoughtful reply. Was very happy to read it. I wrote "The Noble Society" some years ago - it's my philosophical (comical) utopia where denizens of this very small "place" live beyond the theater of our universe, and are individuals, not "people" . (That is where the "Old" and "New Golden Rule" has been "found" among their old books, and astonished them with our horrific primordial human history, I mean our history.)

      The basic law of Nature which we constantly violate by using our made-up rules and laws - is that everyone is unique, every living creatures in this world. In order to make man-made laws possible, we must become identical units, living in the same recycling conditions. Nature's law would not allow this. .

      Man-made rules and "morals" are invented for Controlling societies and groups, cults and all sorts of mentalities, "making" or forcing everyone behave and think the same way, convenient for the rulers .

      If we were all ethical and wise we would not need any man-made morals, rules or laws to control us.
      Unfortunately we live under this humongous pressure of the majority, which is neither ethical nor really intelligent. They Need rulers and laws to tell them what is what.

      Bless those who are bringing to our hysterical society some sanity, grace and wisdom.

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