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How do you define your moral code? What influences moral codes and how do they affect our communities?

this questions require you to share how you define a moral code,what influences the different moral codes and how is our surrounding being affected both postively and negatively by the way we are choosing to '' live our lives'' .


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    Jul 8 2013: morals,both real and a few flimsy ones dictated to me from birth....the ones I spent time debating are stronger and more adult...others just for show,for the groups sanity...Some of mine are outside the box(veganism,drugs ,race,shared wealth,sexual stereotypes ect) these are uniquely mine and come hard won in the trenches of life.I see myself as a very tiny country which must fulfill a United Nations status with a theme...and then present my cohesive theme to the world...what are my human rights codes,distribution of wealth,care for those who are undersupported,what are my standards for education,how do i use medicines,nature...these are are developed and in my world...available for all who are associated with me...in the outer world...I must present myself with respect for others and attempt to practice my policy of tolerance,civility...I am competeing for cerebral space with all the other concepts and resist the temptation to plagerize my life...all this is based in my view of physics and interconnectedness of macro and micro enviornments and I enjoy a superb life being generous and kind...luck for me I am FREE to practice kindness...I am sorry for those whose enviornments limit this practice

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