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How does being left-handed affect our learning and brain?

Hello, everyone. :)
I've been left-handed all my life and I come from a country where this was punished shortly before I was born.
(I can call myself lucky I guess :)
Since early age I've been good at languages and it hasn't stopped. :)
So I was wondering:
Are you left-handed?
How did it affect you?
Was it important throughout your education?
How do you think it affects learning anyway?
Please, share your thoughts and aspirations. :)
Thank you! Just a thought:


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    Jul 10 2013: My younger son is a leftie. He seems to be very imaginative compared to his elder brother who is right handed. Don"t know whether there is any correlation between being leftie and being imaginative :)
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      Jul 10 2013: Thanks, Salim! Helpful as usual! :) Me and my brother are also the same (me - leftie, brother - rightie) but he's more into technology whilst I'm more into humanities and languages. :)
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        Jul 10 2013: You are welcome Silvia .....you know in my culture to a sister , brother is always "right" ( good similarity !) however between brothers both are " right" so understand what can happen at the end.

        Similarity is there also my elder one who is right handed seems very logical , applies reasoning even when in his painting drawing he so.... While younger one has clear inclination with painting , drawing , tries to write stories , rhymes and applies lots of imagination when is studying his science books for his school. May be these are just coincidental similarities .

        Have a good day

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