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How does being left-handed affect our learning and brain?

Hello, everyone. :)
I've been left-handed all my life and I come from a country where this was punished shortly before I was born.
(I can call myself lucky I guess :)
Since early age I've been good at languages and it hasn't stopped. :)
So I was wondering:
Are you left-handed?
How did it affect you?
Was it important throughout your education?
How do you think it affects learning anyway?
Please, share your thoughts and aspirations. :)
Thank you! Just a thought:

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    Jul 10 2013: My younger son is a leftie. He seems to be very imaginative compared to his elder brother who is right handed. Don"t know whether there is any correlation between being leftie and being imaginative :)
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      Jul 10 2013: Thanks, Salim! Helpful as usual! :) Me and my brother are also the same (me - leftie, brother - rightie) but he's more into technology whilst I'm more into humanities and languages. :)
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        Jul 10 2013: You are welcome Silvia know in my culture to a sister , brother is always "right" ( good similarity !) however between brothers both are " right" so understand what can happen at the end.

        Similarity is there also my elder one who is right handed seems very logical , applies reasoning even when in his painting drawing he so.... While younger one has clear inclination with painting , drawing , tries to write stories , rhymes and applies lots of imagination when is studying his science books for his school. May be these are just coincidental similarities .

        Have a good day
  • Jul 9 2013: Wow, the movie was interesting. I'm not left handed, but I do have a contribution to the thread. It comes from my work. I deliver medication to healthcare facilities. In that capacity I get to observe the handedness of the people who sign for the medicine.

    A huge number of people in healthcare are left-handed. Sometimes out of the 10 - 15 people I observe daily 50% or more are lefties.

    I have watched this phenomenon occur before me and wondered to myself if there was something about the way that left-handed people think that somehow causes them to gravitate toward the healthcare field. Now I have to also consider that it might be the absence of their twin that causes this. Perhaps, on a subconscious level, they are aware of a lack and that awareness compels those people to enter that profession? Perhaps there is some other physiological thing that happens due to the twin loss process?

    I guess an experiment would be to find out how many left-handed people really do work in healthcare and then to determine how many of them might show signs of the kind of post certain development level reversal that the movie claims leads to left-handedness. It would be interesting to see if either result was outside of what a statistical response would expect.
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      Jul 10 2013: Interesting observation! Thanks for the input! I'll be sure to consider this though I know many people in healthcare in Bulgaria and all of them are right-handed. May be there lies the problem with the healthcare in my country. More lefties should be in it. :)
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    Jul 8 2013: Being left handed I have a thought on the subject.

    Actually I ma ambidextrous ,many lefties are. Basically I tell people that lefties can see where they are going and righties take it on faith. Just look at the way we write. With that...

    I have always found that left handed people are more open minded and adjust to things with more ease than a right handed person. We have to, we live in a right handed world. No matter where we go we have to move things around...even the refrigerator door. Also when it comes to athletics lefties move differently and most become confused and have to adjust when facing us. Just look at boxing, tennis, baseball and I am sure fencing. We just do things different. Not better, just different.
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      Jul 9 2013: I agree with you totally. And I didn't mean that all lefties have bad handwriting but most do and the ones who don't have a really good one. It's either one or the other - just an observation that I have. :)
  • Jul 12 2013: I'm a leftie and have a couple of comments on this topic... (1) lefties are generally more ambidextrous than righties simply because, as a minority, there are more things designed for righties to use (eg above of fridge door but also basics like scissors, books, etc.). (2) lefties are 'handicapped' in some fields due to being a minority - eg, I learnt to knit right-handed because no one else I knew was left handed and I couldn't figure how to 'reverse' a right hander's movements. On the ambidextrous comment - many lefties that I know eat with their knife and fork in the same manner as a rightie (ie, knife in right hand) but switch hands if only using a single implement (eg, butter bread with knife in left hand). As to writing? I remember when I started high school we were expected to write with an ink pen (fountain pen) - almost impossible to do without smudging if you're a leftie. I began writing with my hand above the line of text I was writing to avoid this - no one ever recognises my writing as being from a leftie.
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      Jul 13 2013: You made a great contribution to the topic Vicki. :) I've never thought about right-handed people not being as ambidextrous but it's SO true. Anyway, I hope that there will be more such comments to come. :)
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    Jul 10 2013: Left handed men are special :) only 12% and women are even more special : Only 10% of the world population...Specially gifted in math, music and language....and often sensitive and kind. Your students are lucky to have you!!
    .......and you all have your international celebration day coming up: August 13!! Happy Left-Handed people's Day:)
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      Jul 10 2013: Thank you, Juliette. :) Inspiring as always!
  • Jul 13 2013: it makes us all stupid, just ask my wife--until I remind her that her eldest daughter, the only one who managed to gain a higher degree and have a non-dead-end career, happens to also be left-handed. Then my wife becomes very much "no comment".
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      Jul 14 2013: It's not about being smart or stupid. It's about different points of view and perspectives. I think that every person no matter right or left-handed is capable of doing something really well so it's all about finding that and doing it as much as you can (and if you enjoy it - well, it's the best bonus one can get).
  • Jul 8 2013: being left handed effects nothing within the brain differently other than using the left hand and having to learn left hand things other than the right.
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      Jul 8 2013: Check out the video, please. :) It supposes an interesting concept I believe.
      • Jul 8 2013: well there's nothing to believe unless they were lying. But this video has literally nothing to do with how people learn i have no idea where your idea of that came from.
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          Jul 8 2013: OK. I see your point but left-handed people are said to have worse handwriting and I could agree with that comparing the percentage of right-handed ones who have such. So it must be harder for us to learn how to write in the first place not only because of the direction but because of some other factors I guess. And that may be connected with how we were designed by birth mirroring another person's actions. Just a thought ...
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          Jul 8 2013: Left handed people can write for just about any angle and my writing varies depending on what I am writing. Not all of us are sloppy.
      • Jul 8 2013: well perhaps because since the majority of inventions including language were probably made by right handed people which means they have to learn differently in that sense but their ability to learn is completely unaffected.
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          Jul 9 2013: Charles, I'm not talking about the ability. So far you've pointed out that the ability is not Affected and I agree but it's the way we learn that I'm interested in. How we learn to do things that right-handed people do and how is our perception different. Is it about the individual or is it something in common that all lefties have?