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How does being left-handed affect our learning and brain?

Hello, everyone. :)
I've been left-handed all my life and I come from a country where this was punished shortly before I was born.
(I can call myself lucky I guess :)
Since early age I've been good at languages and it hasn't stopped. :)
So I was wondering:
Are you left-handed?
How did it affect you?
Was it important throughout your education?
How do you think it affects learning anyway?
Please, share your thoughts and aspirations. :)
Thank you! Just a thought:


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  • Jul 9 2013: Wow, the movie was interesting. I'm not left handed, but I do have a contribution to the thread. It comes from my work. I deliver medication to healthcare facilities. In that capacity I get to observe the handedness of the people who sign for the medicine.

    A huge number of people in healthcare are left-handed. Sometimes out of the 10 - 15 people I observe daily 50% or more are lefties.

    I have watched this phenomenon occur before me and wondered to myself if there was something about the way that left-handed people think that somehow causes them to gravitate toward the healthcare field. Now I have to also consider that it might be the absence of their twin that causes this. Perhaps, on a subconscious level, they are aware of a lack and that awareness compels those people to enter that profession? Perhaps there is some other physiological thing that happens due to the twin loss process?

    I guess an experiment would be to find out how many left-handed people really do work in healthcare and then to determine how many of them might show signs of the kind of post certain development level reversal that the movie claims leads to left-handedness. It would be interesting to see if either result was outside of what a statistical response would expect.
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      Jul 10 2013: Interesting observation! Thanks for the input! I'll be sure to consider this though I know many people in healthcare in Bulgaria and all of them are right-handed. May be there lies the problem with the healthcare in my country. More lefties should be in it. :)

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