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Does blood sugar increase as an immune response to viruses, bacteria, toxins and or parasites, helping us fight them off?

Why do people and animals become insulin resistant or overeat to the point where obesity occurs?
Could it be that high blood sugar is an immune response to something in our environment?
Many illnesses are caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and poisons. We know that sugar is a natural preservative that stops the growth of bacteria in foods, which is why when we add sugar to fruits we call the resulting jam a "preserve".
Have we overlooked a major immune system, increased blood sugar, because of our prejudices against the resulting obesity that insulin resistance and the craving for sugar and starch, (both of which increase blood sugar levels) cause in fighting off diseases?
We know that many things cause obesity. (Sleeplessness, many types of medications, lack of exercise, etc.)
Is there an important positive effect from high blood sugar that has been entirely overlooked thus far?
How would you structure scientific studies to prove or disprove this new scientific theory of mine?


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    Jul 9 2013: Being diabetic I can tell you that diabetes is probably the most inefficient and unpredictable condition around. Not because doctors do not understand it, it is because we know what can happen but do not know if it will happenuntil it does happen. Even then which one ? Which effect will get you if it does ?
    My answer is yes. Sugar can hurt you......maybe.

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