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What specific things do you believe generate the most positive responses to comments in TED conversations.

Is it all about being brief? Is it about being controversial? Does anger work, humor, what? Make a list of characteristics of the ideal TED conversation so we can all practice the fine art of good communication for a productive outcome. Not just calculating thumbs up, but functional exchanges that move thinking forward. What are your personal tricks?


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    Jul 12 2013: It depends on diverse background of the people and their socio-economic culture.
    Most importantly, goes with the their area of interest.
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      Jul 12 2013: When you personally address strangers in your particular culture, what techniques do you use to get your message across? What culture are you personally familiar with? Are there traditions of conversation etiquette to be aware of. This question is so important for us to share because it is at the route of miscommunication and conflict.

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