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Truth and disclosure is meaningless,... deception and control is everything.

What Henry Markham is talking about (i.e. simulating a brain on a computer) is a technology that was published, patented and commercialized about 25 years ago. It was called "Holographic Neural Technology", based on non-linear phase coherence/decoherence principles, and so simple that almost any high school math student could code it onto a computer.

Now the powers that be,.. do not REALLY want Joe public to understand how very simple it is to build a cognitive, yet synthetic or silicone brain.... infinitely simpler than initially has been thought.

AND most certainly they do not want China, Russia, or any other such threatening competitor to the "status-quo".... to understand that either,...

You see.... In the real world, things are never as they seem.

Don't think scientific process, verifiability and reproducibility, due diligence, open debate, unbiased reasoning,..... Think politics, power, control, obfuscation, money, hidden agendas, deception... and thus you shall be delivered..... Hahahaha

  • Jul 10 2013: 是的,..充分披露,...这将是非常好的
  • Jul 9 2013: Mr. Sutherland,

    Google has again provided some interesting information.

    I am guessing that you are the John G. Sutherland of the AND Corporation, who wrote "A HOLOGRAPHIC MODEL OF MEMORY, LEARNING AND EXPRESSION" available at:

    The web site for the AND Corporation:

    If my guess is correct, then apparently you do not believe in full disclosure for yourself.

    Mr. Markram's short talk provided no technical details, but at first glance it does appear that his work is very similar to your work. I can certainly understand why that would concern you, but I cannot understand how that would lead to "Truth and disclosure is meaningless,... deception and control is everything." and especially your remark about threatening competitors.

    Your papers, and many other papers regarding your technology, are available to the public, and I am sure that international competitors have access to them. Furthermore, the AND Corporation provides your technology to its customers. In short, it appears to me that nothing is hidden and no one is deceiving anyone.

    When you say this technology is simple, that seems deceptive to me, but that may be because I do not find it simple at all.

    The tone of your explanation gives me the impression that it is based on experiences that go far beyond this one talk. If you actually value disclosure and openness, perhaps you would be more open with us about yourself and the basis for this conversation.

    Perhaps I am taking this too seriously. Does that "Hahahaha" mean that this conversation is a joke?.

    Or perhaps, you are not really John Sutherland, and you are being completely deceptive.
  • Jul 9 2013: Do the math,.. you idiot !
  • Jul 9 2013: Just as the invisible and the non-existent look the same, hidden agendas and paranoid fantasies also look the same.
  • Jul 9 2013: It's a very brave new world, Edward,... Good luck to you.
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    Jul 8 2013: I refuse to be deceived by your assertion. The very qualities of Truth and Disclosure which you deny demand that you truthfully disclose the supporting premises for your conclusion. This idea you present is precisely what it seems to be, contrary to your assertion that nothing is. "Holographic Neural Technology" cannot defeat Critical Thinking and Logical analysis performed by an informed, aware, human being. For example, when you ask a clear thinker to put-on the "magic" HNT glasses, they will immediately consider everything they experience while wearing the glasses to be most probably immaterial, synthesized images. Only a profoundly defective thought process would lead to acceptance of anything and everything "seen" while under the influence of HNT. Truth and Disclosure is only meaningless to Sheeple. Ba-a-a-a-!