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Talking without the need to impress. Feel free to relax with this one.

I have noticed that when people write, especially on TED, they tend to be wordy and and tend to stretch the thought a bit. Not this time.

Please give us 1 or 2 sentences about anything that may be on your mind and feel free to be a bit politically incorrect. Keep it clean because kids have thoughts too. However I do encourage short and too the point....but most of all honest

Let's hear you.


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    Jul 27 2013: Neutron walks into a bar and didn't feel an attraction to anyone..... Neutron asks the bartender for a drink, the drink is served and the bartender says "No charge for you"...... Oxygen went out with Potassium and it went OK. Oxygen could have gone with Magnesium but OMG.... Courtesy of my grandson's 7th grade science class.

    On the dark side, all my conversations are gone to cyber hell and I am left with a blank page... TED techs will get back to me soon... I hope
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      Jul 27 2013: Yeah, this conversation has gone south.
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        Jul 27 2013: Hey it could be worse.... I had one that no one responded to except one guy said I should quit TED.

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