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Talking without the need to impress. Feel free to relax with this one.

I have noticed that when people write, especially on TED, they tend to be wordy and and tend to stretch the thought a bit. Not this time.

Please give us 1 or 2 sentences about anything that may be on your mind and feel free to be a bit politically incorrect. Keep it clean because kids have thoughts too. However I do encourage short and too the point....but most of all honest

Let's hear you.


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  • Jul 16 2013: Actually the most annoying posts are not necessarily from 1 or 2 posts taking to the limit of 2000 words. The more annoying posts are those of a host or someone else to butt into the conversation repeatedly "attacking" every posts from many others who hold the opposing view of his. In the process, the guy repeated much of the same thing, usually quite long too, to make the casual readers losing their interest even trying to join in the discussion.
    Oops, I have already talked too much. Hope you'll excuse my long-winded explanation.
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      Jul 16 2013: Bart, this was just meant to be a fun thing. I do not appreciate the insult. If this subject does not appeal to you feel free to to take your hostilty elsewhere. Perhaps there is a conversation about about the joy of relaxing somewhere. However if you feel the ned to criticize my topics please do so in 1 or 2 sentences.
      • Jul 16 2013: Frank, You completely misunderstood my previous comment. I had never criticized your topic, or you. Maybe My trying of keeping it short couldn't get it through with my real intention.. That's the irony.

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