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Talking without the need to impress. Feel free to relax with this one.

I have noticed that when people write, especially on TED, they tend to be wordy and and tend to stretch the thought a bit. Not this time.

Please give us 1 or 2 sentences about anything that may be on your mind and feel free to be a bit politically incorrect. Keep it clean because kids have thoughts too. However I do encourage short and too the point....but most of all honest

Let's hear you.


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    Jul 12 2013: Is difficult to express something in a few words and especially written. Speaking you can help with your body move, then express feelings and ideas in a better way ,interact with the other part to check if is understanding you. Writing you must expose your idea, and describe your feelings about that, etc to be sure that someone that read your write in another time could well understand you, and not have different interpretations.

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