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Talking without the need to impress. Feel free to relax with this one.

I have noticed that when people write, especially on TED, they tend to be wordy and and tend to stretch the thought a bit. Not this time.

Please give us 1 or 2 sentences about anything that may be on your mind and feel free to be a bit politically incorrect. Keep it clean because kids have thoughts too. However I do encourage short and too the point....but most of all honest

Let's hear you.


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  • Jul 8 2013: "Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.”

    -Woody Guthrie
    • Jul 9 2013: Woody was most definitely a cool guy, but here, Scott, I am interested in what Scott Bell feelsthinkssayswrites.
      • Jul 9 2013: :-) The less I think, the more I know. the less I am, the lighter I travel
        • Jul 9 2013: Thank you, Scott. The real you is the best you. I appreciate your courage and wisdom in expressing your true thoughts and feelings.

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