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Jobs/economic growth vs. protecting species

How do we balance it? Unfortunately what is good for the economy: fossil fuel production, factories, farming, housing development. Is bad for our environment. More specifically it's bad for our fellow species survival.

So how do we strike a balance?

A current debate in the U.S.A is the Keystone pipeline that would transport heavy oil from the Canadian tar sands.

If one does not believe there should be any limitation on development of the earth than please explain ethically why humans may do with the earth whatever it chooses.


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  • Jul 8 2013: We do not strike a balance. We have Walmarts :-) We are not as evolved as we think ourselves to be.

    Nature strikes the balance in the end. Of course, we actually ARE nature.....not separate from it. Nature has no time table. The herd will eventually be culled.

    It is funny, in a weird sort of way, that we still burn stuff to get energy.....see, it's the primitive thing we've got going...
    • Jul 10 2013: Not sure what this means. But if you are saying let humans run their course and nature will take care of things, well I agree we will get what we have coming. The idea though is for us to find stability on this earth. Our biggest challenge and what my question gets at is how we sustain the benefits of industrial civilization while keeping stability on earth.

      Right now we are not stable given that we are causing loss of biodiversity that some scientist claim to be the sixth great extinction.
      • Jul 10 2013: I agree with much of what you say......

        Question: What, in as brief a statement as possible, is necessary to "Find Stability On Earth?"
        • Jul 10 2013: Human activity should not endanger species population. Habitat loss, pollution, overexploitation, or introduced species are examples of human activity that destabilizes ecosystems.

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