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Do we think while meditating?

What if I told you that we actually have a higher mental activity while in deep meditation not less!! I’ve actually been saying this for some time now & of course been laughed at by most other spiritually aware people in saying so but this is the second scientific study I have come across saying the something. It’s important we are fully aware of ourselves & stop burying our heads in the sand just because it goes against our old conscious beliefs.

As quoted from the link below: Gamma brain waves (39-100 hz) are involved in higher mental activity and consolidation of information. An interesting study has shown that advanced Tibetan meditators produce higher levels of gamma than non-meditators both before and during meditation.

The below link is an interesting read:


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      Jul 9 2013: G'day Carolyn

      Science has proven the benefits of meditation on the psyche as well as on the body, it is amazing how one can be conscious of every fibre of ones being in certain meditative states, it makes one more aware of everything within their entire environment they once wasn't aware of. After meditating I can go outside & go wow as everything just seem to be more vivid & at times glowing.

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