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What is the Collective Unconscious exactly?

I read about 3/4's of Jungs collective works on this subject. I had to put it down. I was left baffled. While reading the book I got the impression the Collective Unconscious was some sort of reservoir of ancient myths and memories we all carry in our deep subconscious, which historically repeat themselves, in the forms of stories, and people. I understand the bare bones interpretation and applicable theory: that all our psyches are molded from a sort of blueprint, a psychological structure if you will, which everyone is born with. This blueprint being separate from our personal psyches which develop with experience, but just as pervasive in our everyday experience. Am I getting close to the mark here?

I would also like to discuss Jung's beliefs and interpretations, as well as anyone elses.

- Individuation.
- Archetypes.
- Synchronicity.
- The unconscious. Is it something we all have in common or something we all share? As in one collective unconscious, as opposed to many of the same unconsciouses.


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      Jul 13 2013: Jaen,
      I really love your simple comment, because in my perception, collective unconscious seems like a pretty simple idea that is sometimes made to appear way overcomplicated.

      I believe that we have energy running through our body/minds (scientifically proven), and the energy is a carrier for information that has probably been recycled many times. I believe one manifestation or recognition of collective unconscious is intuition or instinct.

      So Sean, I read Jung's studies regarding this topic years ago, and I believe you are indeed close to the mark with your perception that collective unconscious includes a reservoir of information, and the collective unconscious may be something that we all share.

      I equate it to an electric energy system. Energy comes from a generating plant, moves along lines to individual homes into the breaker box (imagine that our body is the home with a breaker box -the brain), and from there can be used for various purposes. One person may be using the electricity for cooking, another person may be using it for a lamp, etc. When you think of energy coming into our body/mind, we can also imagine it being used for different purposes? It might be the same purpose as many others are using it, and it might be a different purpose? We are all interconnected with energy.....seems simple doesn't it?

      You've heard the saying..."there is power in numbers"? This theory can be applied to the "mob mentality", it can be applied when we hear about groups of people meditating for a certain purpose, it can be applied when groups of people come together to help after a tragedy.....get the picture?
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          Jul 13 2013: I agree again Jaen:>)

          It is the use of technology and science which helped us understand the energy connection, even though ancient cultures understood this concept without advanced technology! And like you say, our advanced communication systems bring us SO much more information, which facilitates more connections:>)

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