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What is the Collective Unconscious exactly?

I read about 3/4's of Jungs collective works on this subject. I had to put it down. I was left baffled. While reading the book I got the impression the Collective Unconscious was some sort of reservoir of ancient myths and memories we all carry in our deep subconscious, which historically repeat themselves, in the forms of stories, and people. I understand the bare bones interpretation and applicable theory: that all our psyches are molded from a sort of blueprint, a psychological structure if you will, which everyone is born with. This blueprint being separate from our personal psyches which develop with experience, but just as pervasive in our everyday experience. Am I getting close to the mark here?

I would also like to discuss Jung's beliefs and interpretations, as well as anyone elses.

- Individuation.
- Archetypes.
- Synchronicity.
- The unconscious. Is it something we all have in common or something we all share? As in one collective unconscious, as opposed to many of the same unconsciouses.


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  • Jul 11 2013: I like hearing evidence from both sides. Both Modern Science and the more controversial Gnostic side. They both hold meaning to me, as I am hesitant to be totally atheist towards our existence. I feel slightly compromised, as I would really like to believe there is something "special" about me, or us. I find it better not to indulge in this wishful thinking however. As it IS, just that.
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        Jul 23 2013: Whether we consciously evolve ourselves is open to debate.
        We also evolve in spite of ourselves.
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        Jul 23 2013: When and how do we choice to evolve? Would it fly in the face of nature selection?
        See Stuart Kaufman's lecture which I had the privilege to attend. http://vimeo.com/30875984

        Here is the problem. " Our consciousness is not in control."
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        Jul 24 2013: When others offer up the work of the people that have conducted research you back away, because an uninformed opinion cannot stand up to research. Evidence is required to support any claims, where is yours?
        My comments here are not intended to debate any points you make it is to provide a record for others to read and learn from.
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        Jul 24 2013: Re; I'm still not interested in having this conversation with you.

        I have watched all the links that I have posted. They are posted as a resource so that others that would like to assess addition information about a topic can do so. When other post a link I do watch them even when I disagree with the content. It is important to understand opposing points of view.

        When posting in these discussions I try to avoid attacking people personally. It's about the conversation not the people conversing.

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