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What is the Collective Unconscious exactly?

I read about 3/4's of Jungs collective works on this subject. I had to put it down. I was left baffled. While reading the book I got the impression the Collective Unconscious was some sort of reservoir of ancient myths and memories we all carry in our deep subconscious, which historically repeat themselves, in the forms of stories, and people. I understand the bare bones interpretation and applicable theory: that all our psyches are molded from a sort of blueprint, a psychological structure if you will, which everyone is born with. This blueprint being separate from our personal psyches which develop with experience, but just as pervasive in our everyday experience. Am I getting close to the mark here?

I would also like to discuss Jung's beliefs and interpretations, as well as anyone elses.

- Individuation.
- Archetypes.
- Synchronicity.
- The unconscious. Is it something we all have in common or something we all share? As in one collective unconscious, as opposed to many of the same unconsciouses.


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    Jul 7 2013: The collective unconscious is inherited through genes.

    It defines charateristic of species and genus.
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      Jul 8 2013: .

      The genes are our ancestors' successful experiences formed 10,000 years ago.
    • Jul 10 2013: it seems more probable to me that central nervous system, our brain, is radically complex and capable,which allows it to learn and reprogram itself through gaining information from subconscious interrelations and connections among individuals, by making mutations to its circuits,rather than to its genetic structure -which is alot more risky and less cost-effective than more cautiously conducted changes in brain circuits, where you have patterns of mind and ideas formed by previous generations to follow- as an attempt for coping with the concepts and the ways of the people surrounding it and more....
      therefore what it seems to be is that brain has gained the ability to collect information inherited subconsciously from previous generations living at the time, and applying it into its neuronal circuits through changes in them circuits...
      hypothetically considering this image, you could hypothetically say that after thousands of years of information piling into the brain dramatically,the brain had the chance to learn to make some elastic room for that information which it takes them as its own history,collective identity,a scheme, to give the community of beings a ground to step on,a thread to follow....and can be modified through generations due to the changing nature of environments and the beings themselves...

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