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What is the Collective Unconscious exactly?

I read about 3/4's of Jungs collective works on this subject. I had to put it down. I was left baffled. While reading the book I got the impression the Collective Unconscious was some sort of reservoir of ancient myths and memories we all carry in our deep subconscious, which historically repeat themselves, in the forms of stories, and people. I understand the bare bones interpretation and applicable theory: that all our psyches are molded from a sort of blueprint, a psychological structure if you will, which everyone is born with. This blueprint being separate from our personal psyches which develop with experience, but just as pervasive in our everyday experience. Am I getting close to the mark here?

I would also like to discuss Jung's beliefs and interpretations, as well as anyone elses.

- Individuation.
- Archetypes.
- Synchronicity.
- The unconscious. Is it something we all have in common or something we all share? As in one collective unconscious, as opposed to many of the same unconsciouses.


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  • Jul 7 2013: Yesterday I put on a t-shirt I have not worn in more than 10 years. The words on the shirt were "San Francisco WEST COAST". I live on the EAST COAST. While I was out wearing that shirt and riding on Route 214, that Asianna plane crash in San Francisco happened. Maybe that is an example of "collective unconsciousness" or maybe that is just a "coincidence."
    • Jul 7 2013: That answers my question about synchronicity. The mind sees what it wants to.
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          Jul 12 2013: This is confusing because the writer BELIEVES the mind works like a radio; it "receives" a non-local signal from a "field."
          This presents many questions that need an explanation. The one we might start with is, "Why does the field "broadcast" an "ego" for us to overcome." We might also ask why we all don't all receive the same channel. But this would bring us to the next question "Since this is a material existence that we inhabit, what it is that receive the "signal" in out brain? There must be a physical element for this but neither science or anyone else has answered this.
        • Jul 14 2013: "All life is synchronistic. Everything is connected."

          Indeed ! If we are truly paying attention.
          Probably Synchronicity is a not scientific proof for some scientific quantum 'weird' stuff like non locality, quantum entanglement,quantum superposition... these kind of things.
          At least, i see it this way :)

          Thanks for your comments, Chris !
        • Jul 26 2013: Hi, Chris !
          What you try to explain is not so difficult to grasp, but it requires a shift in Paradigm. 'Paradigm shift' has become a media cliche, but it's real and not strongly enough put. Paradigm is like a lens through which you see the world. This relativistic notion, that we perceive reality differently and it's OK, doesn't work in our today's context.
          You simply can't bridge the vertical gap... and as a result , yes, "all falling on deaf ears". Debates are totally useless.
          How to explain that Mysticism is just tomorrow’s science dreamed today ?

          Do you have deja-vu much ? :)

          I'll go to your profile to read your comments, i am very interested !

          Thank you !

          As you can guess , there is no reply option on your last post :)

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