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We should appreciate our food more

We should start thinking about what was necessary for food to land on our plates in order to actually feel grateful and be aware of the whole process of how it came to be.

Say, I want to stuff my face with cake. What's in it? What was necessary for all those ingredients to be what they were before the cake was made?
If I think through the whole process from seed to flour to part of the cake, and do the same thing with all the other ingredients, I come to be a lot more aware of what I'm eating and the labour that went into it, thus actually appreciating and savouring the cake when eating it instead of munching it away while surfing the internet.

I think doing that exercise from time to time can encourage a healthy relation to food and eating, create more happiness and inner calm

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    Jul 8 2013: How you cook and serve , how and what you eat


    how you look and feel , how you think and act.
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    Jul 8 2013: Thinking about these things enhances your awareness of the everyday world. It could have a quite meditative effect on you, I'm pretty sure, and the positive effects of meditation have been proven scientifically.
    Basically, my idea is just about appretiation and enjoying simple things in everyday life. Also, the awareness of things can spark processes of unpredictable character, (of course, everything that we have been unaware of cannot be predicted by ourselves) thus of course leaving room for new ideas or whatever.
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    Jul 8 2013: Are you not worthy of stuffing your face with cake? I can't believe you have ruined my cake eating pleasures. :) Every time I reach to eat a piece of cake now I will have too much appreciation for it and let it live by humming it across the room at my sister in law (the one I can not stand).

    Is this to promote cake throwing in the place of cake eating? You have succeeded.
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      Jul 8 2013: I'm not sure how you got this idea.. :)
      Why would you throw something you appreciate so much into someones face? If you make it even more enjoyable by doing so, I understand, but what I'm thinking about is just really indulging in the act of eating, really taking every bite aware of how much effort it took to make this, and how great it is that it's me who's allowed to eat it, and in the sense of that, try to be worthy of that honour and enjoy it as much as I possibly can!
      This also includes not overeating by the way - if I want to eat more, I wait until my stomach is empty enough to continue :)
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        Jul 9 2013: I have been known to do just the opposite. If I really like a food I save it until it goes bad and can not eat it. It's like that saying, "save the best for last". Problem is, it's never last.
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          Jul 11 2013: I know this problem, but I'm getting better at not letting food go to waste :) for me it's just important to have the time to savour it.
  • Jul 7 2013: umm so i shouldn't open up a bag of Cheetos and watch tv? i should just stare deeply into the cheeto's cheesy goodness and just think about it? haha And what does a healthy relation with food even mean is it like some subliminal way of motivating you to eat healthy or something?
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      Jul 8 2013: Please do as you wish, for you are a responsible individual. I was proposing an idea, and if you try it you may just value your food more. It's not about comparing yourself to starving kids, but to think about how much effort was necessary, just so you can munch away those cheetos while watching tv. I get a sense of gratitude and joy when I think about it.
      About the "subliminal way" - I don't know how it will affect you to think about what you're eating. To exercise my idea, you can leave out the chemicals or generally focus on only one ingredient. I don't know how much you think about food additives, but of course you become more aware of what you take in.
      • Jul 8 2013: Yes but what I am asking is what does thinking about your food do anything? It's like thinking what is my chair made of what is this computer made of or what am i standing on there's no point in doing so other than wasting time. Unless thinking of these things spark some interesting idea or invention.
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          Jul 11 2013: I think it can have a meditative effect on you, just like the examples you used. It's an exercise that aids general awareness, and the unconcsious holds a lot of potential. So I believe that, of course, thinking about these things can spark an interesting idea or invention.
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    Jul 7 2013: I agree, but where can this conversation go beyond people just agreeing, I don't see how people could disagree.
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      Jul 8 2013: I shared this as an idea while being sure there were people who would think differently or help me see my idea from a different view. As you can see, there are reactions other than "I agree" :)