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Bring random acts of kindness back

I think this is a really important idea that is sweeping through the USA you either help people in your community. , the elderly and just help anyone really

  • Jul 7 2013: Random acts of kindness never left!
    They are done each day by the 1000s in each & every town & city, ya just don't hear about them much cause the news is all about what folks do wrong. Those random acts also apply to wildlife etc. too!
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    Jul 8 2013: Absolutely as long as it is not kindness with other peoples money.
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    Jul 8 2013: A beautiful thought...

    The man of God is the one

    Who understands the pain and suffering of others

    who help people in distress but does not have a place for self pride .
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    Jul 7 2013: I agree, but where can this conversation go beyond people just agreeing, I don't see how people can disagree.
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      Jul 8 2013: With kindness I say try the debate section, Greg. :)
      You may find the lack of kindness you are looking for there.
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    Jul 7 2013: Agreed with gale kooser that random acts of kindness is there already. Interesting thing is that lot kind people are so humble that they don't speak about their acts of kindness .... So lot of such acts get unnoticed until the recipients spell out those .