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Passing ten laws which both end and prevent corruption in politics.

I believe that Corruption is the most serious problem which we have today, and it's both growing and being accepted at an unprecedented rate presently. Furthermore, I believe that if we end corruption, we will solve effortlessly hundreds of problems. I believe that those "hundreds of problems" are actually not problems, but symptoms of a singular problem called corruption, and the quickest and most efficient way to solve the greatest number of problems in our modern to end and prevent corruption. In closing, I am looking for input on the specifics of the ten laws which will both end and prevent corruption, and I am building a website wherein I'll post in greater detail all which I have put forth on TED, and hope to assemble a team to take on this lofty yet easily achievable goal. (I'll get to the tagging with other TED conversations asap, and apologize for the delay - the 4th of July is on and I am the main chef...Chef Boy R Breed!)

  • Jul 6 2013: (perhaps a guiding principle for you....)

    "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." -Einstein

    (Laws and Regulations will not spare us from our beloved Primate leaders in Suits who talk Sweetly)
  • Jul 6 2013: I am not sure that the problem is laws The problem is corrupt officials.
    • Jul 6 2013: The problem isn't corrupt officials.
      The problem is a system, an unjust system that functions on corruption.
      The problem is a system that is corrupt from the get-go.
      You need to become corrupted to be successful in it.
      If you don't, then you will suffer.

      You need a system that does not contain the reasons, seeds or causes for becoming corrupt, i.e. acting unethically, with greed, criminal intent and other behaviors
      And, humans must get it into their conscious minds, that these behaviors are not human nature.

      The negative ways we behave are simply various responses we have to choose from in the environments we live in and we assess that environment to determine the best action to take for survival, at the very minimum.

      More laws will not work. The laws we have that are to be followed to safeguard against corruption are not followed at all, almost never.
      To wishfully think more laws will do the job, is foolish.
      Actually, less laws would be needed in a just system.
      Don't want a just system? Why not?
      • Jul 7 2013: Okay Citizens Umited didn't help in America.
        • Jul 8 2013: George,
          What does, "Citizens Umited" mean?
      • Jul 9 2013: Random It's a United States Supreme Court case that opens up political contributions. It's in a line of cases applying the 14th Amendment to corporate law going back to San Mateo County v. Southern Pacific Railroad although the 14th Amendment really has nothing to do with corporations as Roscoe Conkling argued.
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      Jul 8 2013: What is the motivation behind becoming a corrupt official?
      • Jul 8 2013: power, money, acquisitions, favors, medical coverage, control, the power to oppress,
        the power to kill, and these are all enhanced by becoming corrupted so that one can engage in them.

        Do you actually think a war on drugs is to get rid of drugs?
        It isn't. It is simply those very wealthy, powerful, corrupt, elite individuals in your society (if you are American), hunting down their competition for the billions upon billions of drug money.
        The same for arms dealing. Porn money, of what every variety. Only those at your highest levels of political power, money and access to the resources necessary to do these things, can do it and these are people you vote for, believe in and trust with your freedoms. HA!

        Take gambling. Billions of dollars generated each year. People of that ilk are not your simple illegal mafia. They are your "legal" mafia. Those who are leaders in your country's politics, military and law enforcement and are the ones who the money is funneled to.
        They do not risk their money on bets that are not a sure thing, Most of the time. Would you? Of course not, so don't believe for one moment that all the betting on sports isn't and hasn't been rigged for decades. There is just too much money involved to risk it on a simple win/lose percentage. Games, outcomes are fixed by those involved because it's their money and they only risk it on a sure thing! Wake up!

        The main motivation? Your system is corrupt. If you want to be successful, I mean really successful, you must become corrupt. The benefits are just too great.

        Still need more ideas? Then begin to think for yourself.
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          Jul 11 2013: I want to LOVE and LIVE within this person. My pride, my joy ;)
          Now that's greatness.

          I like to stimulate people's minds. :)
      • Jul 9 2013: Vincent to get a reward of course.
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  • Jul 8 2013: " In closing, I am looking for input on the specifics of the ten laws which will both end and prevent corruption, and I am building a website wherein I'll post in greater detail all which I have put forth on TED"

    let us know when you get there, as of now I don't see how anyone can comment on the "specifics".
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    Jul 8 2013: does this conversation make sense? you want feedback on ten laws that are not disclosed in any detail. they will appear at some point on your website which is not known to us.

    what about doing your homework, putting up a real proposal on that website, tell us the link, and then attempt to discuss it?
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      Jul 11 2013: Someone peed in your coffee this morning?
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    Jul 8 2013: Corruption can only be prevented efficiently and permanantly

    by raising the moral fibre of the population.

    No laws or punishment can check it effectively and for long.
    • Jul 8 2013: Adesh,
      It isn't the moral fiber of the population that needs raising.
      It is the moral fiber of those in power, roles of leadership, from the lowest to the highest and most powerful levels.

      Be they religious, financial, political, judicial, educational, legislative, scientific, medical, executive or authoritative, it is they whose morals have decayed and declined into abject evil. It isn't the populace, per se.

      We supposedly teach children how to be moral and then throw them to the wolves, totally knowingly and intentionally, because we know, but don't speak the truth to them, that the systems we exist in are completely corrupt and this is what they are being sent into, and with lies that being good will work.

      Not in a corrupt system. Those in power are corrupt. Those who have are corrupt. Those who have want to keep what they have, and get more, meaning less for everyone else.

      What they see, and what they learn is that if they do not want to live in the shit with masses of others, they must become corrupt in order to be successful. That is because the system is corrupt by default and will always be so until and unless it is the very people who change it.

      What does need to be raised is their moral backbone, to take action and get rid of the system, the people running, ruling and ruining it, and implement a just system in its place.

      It is unjust, can never be made just, so it has to go.

      If you really want to help children, then stop teaching or educating them on how to be successful.
      Teach them how to dismantle, eliminate, change and create a just system for humans to live in.

      That would be success, and it would be for all.
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        Jul 8 2013: Random Chance do you believe that being corrupt is natural for humans?
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    Jul 7 2013: @Chef Boy R Breed! Hope the 4th went well for you!

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    Jul 6 2013: Years ago, I knew a man who was a Texas Ranger. He carried a badge, he wore a gun, and he even wore a cowboy hat (but only outside). He was the one who taught me about TRANSPARENCY.

    Back during Prohibition (1920-1933) corruption was rampant! Lots of good citizens were turning to crime. The economy had collapsed. Millions were unemployed. People were desperate to survive. Between liquor smuggling & moonshine, there was plenty of ethanol around to drink. For people w/money, gambling & prostitution just went w/the drinking. And when the Rangers shut down the brothels, speak-easys, moonshiners & underground casinos - sometimes children starved as a direct result.

    Entire industries had died. Businesses had failed. Banks were going under. The entire US economy was in shambles & the Great Depression had the entire Earth in an iron grip of suffering. Law Enforcement was overwhelmed, but they knew how to manage. Things had to be transparent!

    Often enough, those engaged in an otherwise illegal activity got to continue in what they were doing. Work is work. And underground economy is better than no economy at all. So the issue was TRANSPARENCY.

    In Texas, the cops were always welcome. Every speakeasy, every brothel, every casino, every moonshiner knew the rules. The Texas Rangers were welcome! Any question a Ranger asked, got an immediate and truthful answer. Any legal issue a Ranger raised, was resolved on-the-spot - w/clear evidence of total public cooperation in every possible instance. Everything was laid bare to the law. Period! No organized crime! No gang activity. No extortion. No bribes. No skimming the till. And nobody got filthy-rich off of crime! Business (even illegal business) continued, but only at the price of transparency.

    Prohibition ended. The illegal businesses closed. When WW II started, everyone joined up to fight Hitler, Tojo, & Mussolini. Those illegal businesses that hung on were shut down. Transparency did that.
  • Jul 6 2013: are trying to accomplish the impossible my friend. There have been millions of incredibly smart and powerful people throughout all of time trying to do this. Plus you don't even have any of the laws yourself and unless you are a millionaire or billionaire these goals are far to lofty for you to affect them. The real way to affect politics is $$$$$$$$ the only other way is to get the masses on your side (which still requires $) and even then unless your message is pure gold the masses will stop caring within ten minutes of your message. This is an unachievable goal it is to large of a task if you really want to change government start very small it's the only way you'll accomplish anything.

    ps. but in doing smaller things you'll become a politician and then you will understand corruption truly as it's a very grey area so grey in fact that you may do corrupt actions without you actually thinking they are corrupt. It's the combination of the small corruptions that cause the large ones but good luck anyways.
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      • Jul 6 2013: So how did you make it "big" then if you don't mind me asking?

        And i'm guessing your offended by my post because you read that i'm wealthy and you think that i believe i am above the masses. Totally wrong there i don't there are many bright genuinely good people out there. But there is so much irrationality and insanity from everyone going with their gut and not their head. The reason government doesn't let the masses rule is because the masses would rip our country apart and desecrate everything it stands for. If you really think you control the government then you are truly blind the government has never been run by the people the reason our system works is because it lets the masses think they control it when in reality they don't have any power or say what so ever. They never have and never will because the government is scared of its people. This is why they wish to abolish firearms and that's why the forefathers wanted us to have them the government should fear us but we cannot run it.

        ps. I think it's hilarious that you think our government is transparent and even funnier that you think Obama is right. Obama got to where he is by sucking up to the wealthy and making promises he didn't keep while lying and swindling his way to the top it's how it works sadly. When he himself has made war against the rich when he himself is a millionaire that we know almost nothing about. Our country is at its least transparent state since the time of kings and aristocracies.
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          Jul 6 2013: Attention: all users of TED. Please comply at all times w/the link given here.

          My response to the above is here: "I find your comments un-constructive & disrespectful. Is it your intent to be only provocative?"

          I respectfully decline to comment further. The opinions expressed above are exclusively those of "Charles Curt" and him/her alone. These opinions expressed here do not reflect those of TED, its employees or affiliates. Nor are the opinions expressed here consistent with my own views, handicapped as I am (in Mr. Curt's view) as a citizen who is 'irrational,' 'insane,' & capable of behaviors & views that will: " . . . rip our country apart and desecrate everything it stands for."

          I remind everyone once again that Mr. Curt is fully entitled to his own opinions & views. Furthermore, w/in the TED Terms of Use, he/she is entitled to express those views here. Thank you for your time & attention to this important matter. "Now back to your regularly scheduled programming . . . "
      • Jul 6 2013: ok now you're just being annoying. You know what i meant and it's true with enough power the people will destroy themselves you may think the masses wouldn't but every single person with power knows what i just told you here you can be ignorant but it doesn't matter every government knows the danger of the masses america more than others knows this well. Believe what you want but this is the real world and you cannot trust the irrationalities of many and that's why the masses have very little say in government.
      • Jul 6 2013: Oh and haha you didn't answer how you made it so big? did you get then to put a stop sign on your home street corner finally? haha
      • Jul 6 2013: well i draw the conclusion that you didn't make it big at all you just don't agree with me so you had to say something but nothing you said back that you were disagreeing with was backed up with anything you basically just really drew out the words "I don't like you"
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    Jul 6 2013: Richard, you may be interested in these ten TED talks related to corruption:
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    Jul 6 2013: The problem is the culture and the co-opting of them into it.

    The cure would be to change the culture. The way to do is the application of ethics.

    As part of this would be regular lie detector tests, making examples which instead of slapping Charles Rangle on the hands he is sent to jail with loss of all benefits. All of their finances audited every year.
    It is no longer legal for congress to profit from insider trading.

    They have the same retirement/healthcare as any other citizen.

    All bills have to be read by the ones that are voting on them.

    Cut there time in session in half

    There voting record has to be extremely easy to see.

    All bills have to translated into layman's terms so anyone can understand them.

    All voters are required to pass a test on remedial economics and politics. This would also be required to understand the full implications of who he is voting for so that political advertising would not be nearly as effective or useful.

    Repeal of the 17th amendment, so any senator voting against his constituents will be fired by the state he supposed to represent.

    Balanced budget would not be useful as it would just create accounting gymnastics. Perhaps a bill that says all subsidies will be eliminated completely, ADM, Solendra, etc.

    Government agencies that have no quantifiable product will be eliminated. Dept of Energy, Federal dept of education, etc.

    ALL taxes will be replaced by a flat tax, there will be no other tax The 13 amendment will be eliminated or modified.

    All welfare will be severely cut back, none will be used for the benefit of illegal aliens

    Entitlements will be altered to a sustainable paradigm

    The Federal Reserve will be eliminated. (if nothing else this gets my vote)

    The interstate commerce clause will return to it's original intention and the states will be bolstered to their intended strength and the Federal government will be emaciated to it's intended state

    Spending will be cut to 0 borrowing.