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Passing ten laws which both end and prevent corruption in politics.

I believe that Corruption is the most serious problem which we have today, and it's both growing and being accepted at an unprecedented rate presently. Furthermore, I believe that if we end corruption, we will solve effortlessly hundreds of problems. I believe that those "hundreds of problems" are actually not problems, but symptoms of a singular problem called corruption, and the quickest and most efficient way to solve the greatest number of problems in our modern world...is to end and prevent corruption. In closing, I am looking for input on the specifics of the ten laws which will both end and prevent corruption, and I am building a website wherein I'll post in greater detail all which I have put forth on TED, and hope to assemble a team to take on this lofty yet easily achievable goal. (I'll get to the tagging with other TED conversations asap, and apologize for the delay - the 4th of July is on and I am the main chef...Chef Boy R Breed!)


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  • Jul 6 2013: I am not sure that the problem is laws The problem is corrupt officials.
    • Jul 6 2013: The problem isn't corrupt officials.
      The problem is a system, an unjust system that functions on corruption.
      The problem is a system that is corrupt from the get-go.
      You need to become corrupted to be successful in it.
      If you don't, then you will suffer.

      You need a system that does not contain the reasons, seeds or causes for becoming corrupt, i.e. acting unethically, with greed, criminal intent and other behaviors
      And, humans must get it into their conscious minds, that these behaviors are not human nature.

      The negative ways we behave are simply various responses we have to choose from in the environments we live in and we assess that environment to determine the best action to take for survival, at the very minimum.

      More laws will not work. The laws we have that are to be followed to safeguard against corruption are not followed at all, almost never.
      To wishfully think more laws will do the job, is foolish.
      Actually, less laws would be needed in a just system.
      Don't want a just system? Why not?
      • Jul 7 2013: Okay Citizens Umited didn't help in America.
      • Jul 9 2013: Random It's a United States Supreme Court case that opens up political contributions. It's in a line of cases applying the 14th Amendment to corporate law going back to San Mateo County v. Southern Pacific Railroad although the 14th Amendment really has nothing to do with corporations as Roscoe Conkling argued.
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      Jul 8 2013: What is the motivation behind becoming a corrupt official?
      • Jul 8 2013: power, money, acquisitions, favors, medical coverage, control, the power to oppress,
        the power to kill, and these are all enhanced by becoming corrupted so that one can engage in them.

        Do you actually think a war on drugs is to get rid of drugs?
        It isn't. It is simply those very wealthy, powerful, corrupt, elite individuals in your society (if you are American), hunting down their competition for the billions upon billions of drug money.
        The same for arms dealing. Porn money, of what every variety. Only those at your highest levels of political power, money and access to the resources necessary to do these things, can do it and these are people you vote for, believe in and trust with your freedoms. HA!

        Take gambling. Billions of dollars generated each year. People of that ilk are not your simple illegal mafia. They are your "legal" mafia. Those who are leaders in your country's politics, military and law enforcement and are the ones who the money is funneled to.
        They do not risk their money on bets that are not a sure thing, Most of the time. Would you? Of course not, so don't believe for one moment that all the betting on sports isn't and hasn't been rigged for decades. There is just too much money involved to risk it on a simple win/lose percentage. Games, outcomes are fixed by those involved because it's their money and they only risk it on a sure thing! Wake up!

        The main motivation? Your system is corrupt. If you want to be successful, I mean really successful, you must become corrupt. The benefits are just too great.

        Still need more ideas? Then begin to think for yourself.
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          Jul 11 2013: I want to LOVE and LIVE within this person. My pride, my joy ;)
          Now that's greatness.

          I like to stimulate people's minds. :)
      • Jul 9 2013: Vincent to get a reward of course.
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