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Women will soon be in charge

In 2009, statistical data shows that there were more females than males in the US. In 2012, more females were attending college and graduating than males. Divorce rate in US has remained constant at 50% and the overall birth rate is declining among Caucasians, it is increasing among Hispanics and Blacks and Asians. More females are entering the workplace than males according to the latest demographics from the US Census.

While there might be a general consensus among married males that they control all aspects of the family, it is oftentimes the opposite with the female controlling the budget and all purchases and decisions that the family makes which was just the opposite in my parent's generation.

Only women can give birth which seems a little too simplistic but artificial insemination techniques can be used to control whether or not the baby is male or female. And, while we are not at that stage in our development yet, there is a possibility that it could one day be the norm.

Throughout my 40 year career, I have worked for both female as well as male bosses, and I much prefer working for females. Why? Females do not take their position for granted. Females do not cut corners but are very thorough in all that they do. Females manage their time better because in addition to working they also must manage a household, whereas males tend to play golf and drink and watch TV after their workday is done.

There are also exceptions to my comments and right now there are more males in controlling positions than females, but the tide is slowing changing and soon the reverse will be true. This is especially true by the fact that more females are graduating from college than males...

Males will continue to have a dominate place in sports, movies, music, and the military where a college degree is oftentimes not required. But, in the business world, our lives are about to be fundamentally changed.

So, here's my question: Is this good or bad or are you neutral?


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    Jul 8 2013: If what you postulate it true, that women are more thorough, then great! Perhaps this shift will correct the major down shift in customer service. Perhaps it will increase the empathy companies have for their clients and begin to reestablish personal connections. It may even emphasize the importance that the end user plays when designing products or providing services. This shift may begin to correct centuries of mens absentmindedness when it comes to fair business practices.

    Perhaps a different approach would be to consider holding men just as accountable for the family finances, diaper changes as well as bringing home a paycheck. Why should there be a separation between work in a corporate office and work at home? I think the problem is the learned behavior that needs to change that puts so much more of the work on women's shoulders.

    If we were to address the conventional wisdoms methodology where women are responsible for the home and men are responsible for the financial, which based on economical factors led to women being responsible for not only the home but contributing financially,and question the fairness of that practice.

    You implied that men spend their time drinking and playing games while women are forced to work day and night. Maybe the answer is in your own post. Perhaps we as men need to be more accountable to the needs of women and share the responsibilities both in the corporate world as well as at home. By sharing these responsibilities perhaps that will give time for both men and women to play games sometimes even together.

    I like the topic though. I believe this is an issue we seriously need to address.
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      Jul 8 2013: While my original post was opinionated and generalized, I think you have gotten the point that I was trying to make and that is that MEN have to change. Certainly no all men are like I describe but there are a bunch of males who are exactly like that. And, no all women are as thorough as I describe but those that are have been taking jobs away from males for years.

      When I was in sales, my coach used to tell me to observe women in groups and listen to the questions that they were asking each other and new members to the group. In order to be successful I needed to adopt that approach and when I did, it worked and a bond was quickly develop.

      I am merely trying to open up eyes by slapping males in the face so to speak.

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