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Women will soon be in charge

In 2009, statistical data shows that there were more females than males in the US. In 2012, more females were attending college and graduating than males. Divorce rate in US has remained constant at 50% and the overall birth rate is declining among Caucasians, it is increasing among Hispanics and Blacks and Asians. More females are entering the workplace than males according to the latest demographics from the US Census.

While there might be a general consensus among married males that they control all aspects of the family, it is oftentimes the opposite with the female controlling the budget and all purchases and decisions that the family makes which was just the opposite in my parent's generation.

Only women can give birth which seems a little too simplistic but artificial insemination techniques can be used to control whether or not the baby is male or female. And, while we are not at that stage in our development yet, there is a possibility that it could one day be the norm.

Throughout my 40 year career, I have worked for both female as well as male bosses, and I much prefer working for females. Why? Females do not take their position for granted. Females do not cut corners but are very thorough in all that they do. Females manage their time better because in addition to working they also must manage a household, whereas males tend to play golf and drink and watch TV after their workday is done.

There are also exceptions to my comments and right now there are more males in controlling positions than females, but the tide is slowing changing and soon the reverse will be true. This is especially true by the fact that more females are graduating from college than males...

Males will continue to have a dominate place in sports, movies, music, and the military where a college degree is oftentimes not required. But, in the business world, our lives are about to be fundamentally changed.

So, here's my question: Is this good or bad or are you neutral?


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  • Jul 6 2013: This is an incredibly interesting theory. But that's all it's a theory men are in charge because that is what nature designated us to do but perhaps that order flips in a highly civilized society it's a interesting thought. But i don't think men who are far more aggressive and goal driven will simply lay down and not be in control. I agree with your theory but i simply think that we are getting closer to the point were men and women are becoming truly equal as it has always been in the past that men are the superior ones. This idea is just recently changing starting with women's rights but women have evolved to be under men it will take awhile to reverse this evolution. It is happening quicker in america but just a glance at any third world country and you will realize that the world as a whole is still far from reversing that evolutionary trait.
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      Jul 6 2013: You are absolutely right, it is just a theory...

      And, I agree that men will simply not roll over and let females take over... there will be a huge struggle...

      What is happening in the military and sexual harassment is a perfect case in point... women in the military will change the military forever and how many gung ho marines will want to serve in a military who may have to report to a female officer?

      But, there is data to support more females graduating than males and management positions are typically filled by those who hold college degrees. If there are less males than females with college degrees, it simply stands to reason that more management positions will be filled by females than males.

      Another example... White males used to dominate professional sports and now blacks are dominating professional sports with the attendance at these sports events largely white because they typically have the extra money to pay for the tickets. So, the white community in America is making part of the black community more wealthy.... how will that change the balance?

      Coupled with the fact that our white population is declining due to less births and by the year 2050, whites will be in 4th place behind Hispanics, Asians, and Blacks... But, are we not still all Americans???

      The change in female power is happening right under our noses...

      STEM jobs are going vacant - in other words, industry cannot fill these jobs with Americans but they can with other foreign people who have spent the last several years focusing on STEM. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. More women than males in college are taking STEM classes.

      STEM jobs are higher paying jobs... so, it will stand to reason that women will begin making more money than males over the next several years. Those who have money to spend will change the dynamics of the supply and demand curves to focus on females, not males.

      So, if you take the date and extrapolate, you come to the same conclusion.
      • Jul 6 2013: Yes you're so very much right we are becoming a very diverse society but the truth is the real money and power come from the engineers and there are way more males then females in this category. I know that because i'm an engineer and i have been and looked at a lot of engineering schools and at all of them there is like 60 males getting engineering degrees for every 1 female it's a crazy huge difference. When that becomes balanced i will believe your theory much more but math and science is the future and men still have that far better than women.

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