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Love Me or ELSE!!! Why has it come to this? Forcing generations to care for each other.

Recently we learned that China enacted a new law which stipulates that children must often go home to see their parents.

This is because parents have taken their children to court for abandonment.

Here is a link to the Chinese news piece.
You can use Google translate to read it.


And here is the Yahoo news piece:


So, what do you think?

Should the government get involved in this situation?
Would you sue your child if he did not come to visit you?
Can we force our family to love us?

What do you think of all this?

If you are from China and know information that can help us understand this issue better, please comment below.

Thank you so much!!


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    Jul 18 2013: Just my take on it. Personally, I think this particular law is ridiculous. This is a case of laws infringing into sphere of morality. In China historically, there has been 2 parallel strains of modes of governance: Legalism and Confucianism. Legalistic governance is the rule of law, while Confucian governance is governing through morality. Laws inherently carry coercive force behind it, and even if this law is enforceable, which I believe it is not, it will not make the children "love" or truly care for by heart their elderly parents. Since the cultural revolution, much of traditional Chinese culture had been abandoned for "scientific thinkings." Of course, nowadays there have been efforts to try to revive traditional Chinese culture that emphasized much on the concept of filial piety. Ultimately, this law in my opinion is also hilarious, another attempt by the Party to use the State to influence mass morality. Like the story I heard in China of this man getting arrested by police because he was watching porn by himself in his own home. To wrap up, I think this law is insignificant, but it reveals an overarching characteristic of the Party, reminiscent of the Chinese state in the past dynasties as well, to influence public morality using a top-down approach. Sometimes it works, and other times it doesn't. During the cultural revolution it worked so well that the State was able to break down 5 millennia of Chinese moral structure by turning kids against parents, students against teachers, citizens against each other.
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      Jul 18 2013: Taiyi, I am so grateful for your in-depth and well thought out reply.

      You have brought further enlightenment into this most serious topic.

      I had not really thought about this issue from the perspective of the state using this top-down approach, and how it had used it before to affect morality and Chinese culture. It seems very arrogant for a government to rule over people's hearts.

      Our figurative heart is where the seed of our motivations is contained.
      And giving it to a human organization...such as a political government, to do with it what they will, is just totally unwise.

      Perhaps those Chinese who value love and compassion within their heart, not because of Legalism or Confucianism, but because of Humanism, will somehow help others to overcome all the detrimental effects of this terrible human government that has done much to harm your culture.

      We humans need direction.
      Morality is something that many talk about, and discuss, and even argue about.
      But whose morality will we ultimately follow?

      The question is still up for grabs.

      I am thankful that I had the opportunity to exchange thoughts with you.
      My name is Mary, I live in the United States, in Florida.
      I am a mom and a teacher and a Christian. Nice to meet you!!

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