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Love Me or ELSE!!! Why has it come to this? Forcing generations to care for each other.

Recently we learned that China enacted a new law which stipulates that children must often go home to see their parents.

This is because parents have taken their children to court for abandonment.

Here is a link to the Chinese news piece.
You can use Google translate to read it.


And here is the Yahoo news piece:


So, what do you think?

Should the government get involved in this situation?
Would you sue your child if he did not come to visit you?
Can we force our family to love us?

What do you think of all this?

If you are from China and know information that can help us understand this issue better, please comment below.

Thank you so much!!


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  • Jul 6 2013: I believe that government should not get involved. If people have to be forced to visit family, it would not be genuine. It would not be a relationship worth preserving.
    I do think it is extremely sad though, that commited, loving parents are being forgotten in their later years.
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      Jul 6 2013: Craig, do you think this abandonment issue is mutually exclusive to China?
      • Jul 7 2013: No, it seems to happen in many countries. It looks like China at least acknowledges the problem and is trying to fix it. I think they are going about it the wrong way though. I feel that appealing to peoples compassion is a far better method than relying on a fear of punishment.
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          Jul 8 2013: I do think they are going about it the wrong way.

          But perhaps, since they understand their people, maybe, just maybe, they are doing it this way because it will bring out feelings of shame, and so the people will act the way they know they should? Could it be some sort of psychological strategy?

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