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Enough importance is not given to Toys

As a child i had many toys, but not as many as my dad. I am sure my grand dad had more toys to play with than my dad.

Seeing children today stuck at home (mainly on a gaming console) without getting the exposure that toys gives them make me wonder if the future will lack some key learning that toys give all of us.

Dont get me wrong , this is not against gaming consoles (i am an avid gamer as well), but gaming does not provide everything that a child requires. There has to be more ways where the child's imagination can be set free.

The greatest fear is what will the world loose out on the early ears of playing with simple toys.

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    Jul 5 2013: I got more out of playing in the sand, water and in trees then from any toy. I still do in my vegetable garden swimming laps and in the fruit trees I grow. Toys provide nothing lasting. You might improve some skills but at what cost has yet to be determined. Your generation will answer that question.
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    Jul 6 2013: There certainly are important qualities that kids acquire and/or enhance from playing with toys. Though video games have their benefits (when used in moderation), I do not think they should or would replace toys. Children love toys, and a lot of people can tell you how the toys they played with as kids helped shape their lives. Toys that allow children to imagine and build things will remain relevant. I do not know of any trend that suggests toys are on the decline, and think that they'll remain in demand, as there are companies that depend on this demand for survival.

    But of course, not all toys are made in a factory. In certain parts of the world like where I grew up, kids build their own toys with sticks, cans, etc. This kind gives an even more rewarding experience because of the joy of knowing you built it yourself.

    This age of 3D printing holds great promise for kids with access at school or at home. They'll be able to design and build their own toys and learn so much. The future will always be bright for kids that have good teachers and proper parental guidance.
  • Jul 5 2013: Table top gaming is a valuable toy/learning device. Learning how to win or lose, strategic thinking, planning, and even cooperation are all advantages to tabletop gaming. Much more social interaction than video gaming.