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How do we jump-start the fabled overthrow of crude oil (and other fossil fuels) by renewable energy sources?

Many have predicted the downfall of crude oil and the rise of clean energy, and we are already starting to see seeds and pledges from various parts of the world that hint at a strong desire to end this dependence on fossil fuels that scientists say is destroying our world. From the solar energy world record in Germany to electric vehicle range breakthroughs, from factory emission regulations to wind, solar and bio-fuel energy exploitation, it is clear that certain countries are beginning to take the matter seriously. Yet the grim climate predictions suggest that things aren’t happening fast enough.

What measures do we (as a society) take to start a renewable energy revolution, given the far-reaching destructive power of fossil fuels? Your best ideas—electric car adoption encouragement strategies, personal renewable energy systems, government policy, whatever you think.


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    Jul 5 2013: I wish there was a nonpartisan spokes person for the movement. I feel bad that about half the people in the US have been disenfranchised because they think the environmentalist movement has deeply held beliefs that capitalism needs to be destroyed while espousing the need to protect Mother Earth. The disenfranchised do not trust the Green People.

    Scientific research has been corrupted; data has been misused by non-scientists; exaggerated scare tactics are being used by Green people. Government grants go to those sympathetic to programs supporting Green people agendas.

    Mother Earth is not a person. She may just as well want to be a cold dark rock floating in space rather than have a layer of irritating life crawling over her skin.

    The USA is suffering under laws and regulations that do not have a clear scientific basis. Past predictions on future events have been wrong. Current models of future conditions are wildly different.

    No one talks about adapting to climate change. Shouldn't we be planning to protect ourselves for the foreseen catastrophes? The lack of concern for adaptation by the Green people doesn't make sense.
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      Jul 6 2013: .
      Good idea!

      But I am worrying
      our bio-evolution can not go so fast to adapt the climate change,
      except we can quit invalid (harmful) happiness.
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      Jul 9 2013: I would say you may want to be a little more specific. Who are the green people? There are ten million questions about what's coming in terms of climate change. There is little doubt however, about the cause, and the easily predicable results of warming. The most frightening, and potentially most devastating will be extreme scarcity of clean fresh water and the commoditization of water. The world is already suffering severe localized shortages as it is. Sea level rise is already happening believe it or not. Glaciers are melting at the fastest rate ever witnessed.The ocean is becoming more acidic which will have wide ranging and devastating impacts on shell fish and many other organisms. That's another aspect of increased CO2. The exact way things will play out in the future is up for debate, but certain aspects of climate change are simply to overwhelming to ignore. The last estimates spent on the US presidential election by all concerned, corporations, super packs, individuals, is somewhere in the neighborhood of ten billion dollars. That buys a lot of influence. This is a fight to the mat against entrenched interests who don't care one iota about the future unless they profit handsomely from it. If a few hundred million people die it doesn't matter to them. That's a drop in the bucket. Most of the big wigs in the board rooms of big oil will most likely be dead in 30 years so why should they care? They don't. You get nothing in this world unless you work hard for it, fight for it.
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        Jul 13 2013: Green people are people in the popular environmental movement.

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