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How can God exist beyond space and time?

I'm trying to make sense of this "existence" outside space and time. How can something , anything exist yet not exist in space-time? Something completely disconnected from length, width, height, or point in time....
Is this a "truth" that is beyond human comprehension? For maybe this may be one the "truths" that escapes the human intellect. However there are also non-sense statements that require filtering, I believe that existence beyond space and time is one statement that requires filtering.
Does God pops in and out of existence along with virtual particles? Or is God tightly curled up( about a Planck length?) in one or more dimensions of a Calabi-Yau manifold? Or is this existence as useful as the Cosmic Peanut Butter Theory?
Asking if it's possible means nothing, however. The question to ask is, what makes anyone say this? What is the evidence for such assertions? Show me how does anyone got to this statement.
Please as you deploy your arguments don't conflate suppositions with explanations, for these are not interchangeable. Just because it can be imagined, does not make it valid, or even explanatory.
And no scripture as proof.("Behold, heaven and the highest heavens cannot contain Thee... (1 Kings 8:27)) etc, Please and thank you.
Keep the mental contortions civil & courteous, even artful which is always cool. Let's learn from each other!

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Closing Statement from Carlos Marquez

The operational word in my question was "how" could god or anything exists beyond space and time?, And the core answer after the often heated exchanges is that some folks believe such a fantastic particular possible yet unable to render a demonstrable explanation -why?- because it is impossible.
The incredible thing is that folks believe dogmas as such without questioning. Is similar to lets say slavery or interracial marriage or the prohibition, many in power used (still do ) the Bible to back up such views and today-thanks in a big part by Secular Humanism- are not active policies in our country. Many a Christian believed that all above mentioned stances were correct just as god exist beyond space and time.

I think that as a whole mankind is evolving away from dogmas into new horizons, faith based or divinely revealed knowledge will take a backseat to reason based knowledge. And for that process there is a demonstrable "How".

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    Jul 20 2013: You are some person dear Carlos!
    There is only one missing point in your views, and forgive me for saying such.
    It is you fail to see how both ways of thinking contribute to see the World and Life in a more satisfying sense.
    I can perfectly see and understand both worlds. I think you are VERY capable to do so.
    I can assure you opening your Heart to spirituality will not in any manner diminish your ability to understand the material world.
    But I KNOW you are Spirit too. And you will do even better by understanding your spirit as well.
    Once you make the question: "Are we inside of some sort of Matrix?" you are opening the door to your spiritual quest.
    I know the Matrix is a very nice Cosmic Model and many cultures, specially the Native american ones, including the Mexican Aztec and the Mayas found natural ways of opening a window into the Matrix control room.

    Sometimes I think TV is also a Cosmic Model. The actors play so faithful. They react with anger, love and hatred. They perform the most incredible stunts. They live and die. But one thing they don't do: The never realize their world is actually on a bi dimensional space. Neither they faintly guess they have no body or physics, as they are only made of a raster, integrated by ever changing color pixels, and the sound of their world, shotguns, laughter, music, etc. are coming out of a pair of paper cones, driven by fluctuating magnetic fields.
    The TV, the power supply, transistors, electron beams, LED components, coils and other things are the "invisible world" for them, and if confronted they would say we are quite fanatic believers in spooky things!
    Finally: To see "beyond this world" you don't need a Huble gadget, what you need is to look inside of you, deeply, and asking yourself to remove the curtain. Then you will see the "transistors and circuitry" making it all look so real and acceptable.
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      Jul 21 2013: Mike, you are alright in my book!
      Wow! Man can you paint a picture! Or can you paint a picture?. I want to enter the invisible world you speak of a la natural- Is that a fault in my part ?-possibly- Is it too much Physics all day long?- hmm could be- I don't claim to have all the answers (there's a lot of "I don't knows"), Neither does Science(you know- proven,evolving & borderline).
      In all honesty I can't see what you see. How deep the proverbial rabbit hole goes?-I don't know-. But I'm certain of the rabbits and the rabbit holes.

      I hope you're having a great weekend! -I am-

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