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Humanities approach to evolution

I believe evolution is the greatest discovery of all time, but in 200 years we've drawn from it almost no wisdom about ourselves at all. What's stopping us? I propose we start searching for that wisdom all over again.

Creationism is not the primary alternative to Darwinism. The primary traditional alternatives have been various combinations of mind and creativity. Alternatives like those help us make more sense of what it means we evolved. I am developing such a combination, supposing mind and creativity to have evolved into the genome, the genome then building them into us. The result is a discourse suited to creatives and members of the humanities, for whom Darwinism, and hence us having evolved, is mostly irrelevant.

Given we're unlikely to have already in hand all the concepts we need to understand something as revolutionary as having evolved, a mere discourse based on new principles may be invaluable for devising crucial paradoxes and questions.

I have written five books on the impact of evolutionary theory on our sense of self, and a play, "What it means we evolved". Would my concerns fit into any program you have in mind? I live in the mid Hudson Valley. The play I perform myself but at 90 minutes it's too long for your format.


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  • Jul 5 2013: "The only valid basis for dismissing Creationism, aka the Holy Bible, is to falsify it scientifically." I dismiss it, in the context of trying to understand what it means we evolved, for its agenda. I believe that is a valid basis.
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      Jul 6 2013: You dismiss Creationism because it is difficult to understand and you accept the theory of evolution? You find evolution easy to understand compared to Creationism? That sounds inconsistent because Creationism does not involve complex scientific issues. Creationism is easy to understand. Really, Shaun, why do you eschew Creationism?

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