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Straight-to-subconscious education.

Meditation improves ones ability to learn. Some research involving brain scans shows how the brain lights up during activities like meditation or prayer... I'd like to see how it compares to hypnosis and various forms of subliminal suggestion. Moreover, I'd like to see how various combinations work together. Is it possible to put the mind in a perfect state for learning? Even simple things like connecting a thought to a color improves retention, perhaps we can improve retention and recall. The only fear would come from those afraid that this would be used to brainwash students into believing idea contrary to the parents wishes.

  • Apr 11 2011: I have on my "to read" list for work a book about how physical activity also encourages learning off the top of my head I think it's called "Spark" but will have to double check, anyway this kind of relates to an idea of mine to run revision sessions for kids in our club (I'm the children's programme co-ordinator for a kung fu club) whic not only help teach meditation and revision techniques, but also some physical exercises they can do to help "pep up" their brains during a stonker of a revision session.

    There is some work done on colours and learning in regards to dyslexia, my friend found her learning improved a massive amount once they discovered that rose tinted glasses (I kid ye not) meant she could focus better on the words.

    There's also music with "Alphawaves" in it by John Levine. He's composed a number of different CDs to help encourage the brain to enter into a particular phase so it's more receptive to certain things e.g. sleeping/learning. We use it in Tai Chi to help people relax, for me it blends straight into the much so tht I don't even register when the CD has finished but we've found some people that it massively irritates which just goes to show: to each their own.