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US State Department blew $630K to get more likes on Facebook

The Inspector General has published a report stating the US State Department spent over $630,000 to boost the amount of likes on a face book site. It also stated that there are over 150 plus State Department media accounts. During the Bengasi Hearings Secretary Clinton stated the money was not available to protect State Department workers ... It was also the US State Dept that spent $70M on Pakistani Commercial September 21, 2012. State Dept. spent $70K on Obama books starting in August 2009 The U.S. Embassy in Egypt, for instance, spent $28,636 in August 2009 for copies of Mr. Obama’s best-selling 1995 memoir. Six weeks earlier, the embassy had placed another order for the same book for more than $9,000, federal purchasing records show. Security was not a concern. The State Department continues to fund the re-building of mosques around the world that Muslims are blowing up.

Why didn't all of these misuse of taxpayers money come to light when Secretary Clinton was on the stand blaming Congress for not providing funds to her?

All of these stories are available on the web and are verified on fact check.

Where is the public outrage?

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    Jul 5 2013: "spent over $630,000 to boost the amount of likes on a face book site."

    what a waste of money. they should just make PRISM two way, and directly enter data to facebook's database
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      Jul 6 2013: "Political rhetoric unverified" . Sounds like a invitation to a closed mind fight. I would much prefer a discussion .... thank you. or go to US State Department and read the stories ...

      Did you really need that help or are you just attempting to pull my string, get my goat, etc .....
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    Jul 5 2013: Pro-Obama folks ignore such information and do not listen to, read, or watch the Conservative networks where such stories are presented. Anti-Obama folks feel impotent to impact mass public awareness. This is a direct result of the lack of coverage by mainstream, pro-Obama media. The masses who have opinions about government and politics form those opinions largely on the coverage put forth by the liberal networks. The outrage is being thwarted by the liberal media's manipulation of information.
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    Jul 30 2013: Oh Yeah, even if I was on facebook, I wouldn't give them a like. Ok, I admit it I am not on facebook. Sue me.
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    Jul 16 2013: Oh c'mon. People on fiverr can give thousands of likes for only five bucks. Talk about government inefficiency...
  • Jul 10 2013: Robert Winner,

    Where is the public outrage?
    Right here.
    The misuse of Taxed-payer's money goes on and on and on.

    While the whistle-blowers are being chased and perhaps to be killed by the courts,
    no one who gets a government check is making a peep. ..Voters for some unknown
    reason have lost their ability to hold their representatives toes to the fire.

    We have 2 political parties. ..Very popular parties. ..Run from election day to election day,
    they ceaselessly advertise in the media, their propaganda. Spending so much money as to
    overwhelm even the most moral. They split the running of the government right down
    the middle.

    How do they get away with this? Simple.
    Can you or anyone you know name them? Where they live? How to contact them?
    They are people you should know. They control your lives. Think Hard.

    Does RNC or DNC come to mind? ..And their Leadership? Think Hard.

    When did Obama's name first burst into your consciousness?
    Who selected him? Having a problem? Interesting, huh?

    How long ago did "collateral damage" become acceptable to you?
    Do you like being managed by professional psychologists?
    Like Clint Eastwood might say, "Well Do You?"
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    Jul 5 2013: The world is a complicated place.

    Men vs. Women

    East vs. West

    Creed against Creed.

    I just hope all of us will prosper and be and feel happy in the end.

    Live and let live.

    Best wishes.
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      Jul 5 2013: What you say is true. However, people died, lies were told, money squandered, and inefficient and ineffective measures are in effect at the expense of the American taxpayers.

      It is the duty of the people to question such practices, to stay informed, and to make informed decision when casting votes for elected officials based on facts. We have became a nation of party platforms and have stopped questioning people who make decisions such as those mentioned in my statement.

      Further it is the duty of the media to expose such practices and bring the FACTS to the attention of the people without prejudice or party favoritism. This is not occurring.

      Secretary Clinton was protected from probing into actions of this sort because she is a party favorite to run in the next election. This type of logic escapes me. If it is false let it be dismissed. If it is true then it should be for all to see and brought to justice.

      If I was harsh I apologize ... I am angry at a uninformed and don't care voting public ... not you.

      I wish you well .. thank you for your reply. Bob.