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Get a thicker skin.

It just seems that whenever I turn on the news or read an article someone is highly offended by a comment made. Our acces to every last word has expanded and our sense of humor has waned.


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    Jul 8 2013: Frank, don't you think people just like being in the headlines?

    Arguments and cat fights sell newspapers.........people love a good squabble.......it's like a guilty pleasure.

    But I will agree that a lot of people lack a sense of humor.

    And yet, look at all of the TEDsters avatars.............they are all smiling!!!
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      Jul 8 2013: Of course I do. Still doesn't mean I become angry. Most of the stuff I hear on the news I laugh at.
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        Jul 8 2013: Me too.
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        Jul 8 2013: That's the reaction I get also. Why go to comedy? The absurdity is all around us. Simpsons, South Park, and Beavis & Butthead are funny because they are true.

        Why did Tify delete the comment? I think, it was good and funny. I may use the quote "putting words into my mouth and blaming me for saying them".

        The :)))))) was sufficient to interpret it right

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          Jul 8 2013: TED is worried that we are getting out of hand. I, of course, disagreed but in a constructive way.

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