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The two-option majority vote is the most inaccurate measure of collective opinion ever invented! Unfortunately, many politicians, several professors and countless people still think that it is the basis of a democracy. Majority rule is OK, as far as it goes. But majority rule by majority vote, majoritarianism, is adversarial, divisive and, in many instances, the catalyst of war


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  • Jul 8 2013: I want more democracy, not less; I want people (or theor elected representatives) to be allowed to propose options, and then, in the vote, t be able to express their preferences. Take, for example, New Zealand. They chose to debate the electoral system. They set up a Commission, to which folks could make suggestions. It then drew up a short list of five options, and then the people voted on a choice of these five.
    It's called pluralism.
    Sadly, many democracies use only binary voting: 'dualism', or that which it often leads to, 'duelism'.

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